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I have two superpowers that I would love to have which are explained below. Superpowers are important in a magical world full of wizards, those that can be invisible, or those that are psychics and telepathic. 

If I could have my own superpower, it would be to have my own psychic powers. With this superpower, I could know what my future would hold and it would allow me to receive messages from the spirits and the dead. I would want to have a psychic power for me to see the future and prevent anything wrong from happening. 

Knowing what other people are thinking would be significant to understanding why one dislikes you. If I knew what people were thinking, I could understand if people were lying or being untruthful. By having the superpower of knowing what people think, you could get a sense of who likes you and who doesn’t based on thoughts that occurred in someone’s mind. Having this mental power and ability to see what people are thinking would allow you to see the truth about them or what they think on a day-to-day basis. 

I think it would be scary to receive messages from dead people but then again, if the spirit talks to you, you can be aware of those who have passed away in your life. This would allow you to hear the people who have died in your life speak to you because of them speaking from the dead.  If someone has strange mental powers and abilities, they really can work around all the problems in their life based on what people think about them. 

The ability to predict the future prevents any unpleasant surprises. One would know what it means to have the future at your fingertips. Although you cannot change what the future holds, you can handle it in a better way since you know what will happen. Being able to predict the future allows any unexpected incidents such as a family member getting sick, or losing your job. But it can also help people, by telling them any good news that will come their way. 

The second superpower I would love to have is telepathy, which allows communication between two people without actually speaking! It would be so useful at a dinner party where a ton of people you dislike are. Communication could be done with your friend who attends the dinner party and only the two of you would know what each other is saying. 

Telepathy is interesting because you wouldn’t even have to talk, allowing you to see the thoughts of your best friends, sister, or business partner. It would be good to have telepathy if you are in a large crowd and want to communicate secretly with your best friend. This would allow two people to communicate without being rude or mean. It also just seems like a perfect way to communicate real and truthful thoughts. Not only would telepathy allow you to go beyond one’s own thoughts, but you could communicate your darkest secrets to a crowd full of people. 

There are many superpowers that would be awesome to have but if I chose two they would be being psychic and the ability to use telepathy. It would be so cool to actually have superpowers. Pretending to have a superpower is cool enough, but actually having superpowers, that’s something else!

Hannah Le

Emmanuel '24

Hannah Le is a Writing, Editing and Publishing major at Emmanuel College in Boston.