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My Favorite Places to Grab Food in Boston

As my first year at Emmanuel College comes to a close and I return home to New Jersey for the summer, I couldn’t help but reflect on all the amazing restaurants I have discovered during my short spring semester. So, what better way to reflect than to share all my amazing discoveries. From a foodie herself, these are my favorite restaurants in the Boston area to grab a bite to eat!


I must admit: when I say brunch, it is more like a late lunch than an actual brunch by the time I finally wake up, but my point still stands. These are my favorite places to grab a quick bite in the morning! 

The Paramount

Located on Charles Street in the Beacon Hill area, The Paramount offers breakfast and lunch options. When I went I ordered the ‘Western Burrito’ which was insanely good. I also recommend their waffles! Just thinking about it almost has me putting my shoes on to head over. It was so nice to be able to sit outside on a sunny Boston day and eat amazing food. 


Located on Tremont Street in the Mission Hill area, Milkweed offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Milkweed in my opinion has the cutest aesthetic and atmosphere for any meal. I have tried both the chocolate chip pancakes and the steak and avocado quesadilla off the menu, both of which I highly recommend. I also highly recommend their lemonades!


Picking my favorite places for lunch and dinner was definitely a challenge. In fact, as I was writing this article I kept adding more and more places to my list. Anything from burgers to pizza to pasta… Here are my favorites!

Tasty Burger

Are you in the mood for some amazing burgers and fries? Try my favorite place, Tasty Burger! Located on Boylston Street in the Fenway area, Tasty Burger is super close to campus. Whenever I go to Tasty Burger, which is more times than I will admit, I order a meal deal of a cheeseburger, fries, and a coke. I would also recommend their Totchos, which are tater tots with taco toppings. 

Blaze Pizza 

Pizza time! Blaze is located right on Boylston Street just across from Tasty Burger. Blaze offers to make your own pizzas and they have the best lemonade! I usually get the Meateater pizza without the red onions and have the classic lemonade. Blaze also accepts Fenway cash!

Joe's Waterfront Grill & Bar 

Looking for a nice dinner or lunch by the water, try Joe’s Waterfront Grill & Bar. Located in the Waterfront area, Joe’s offers seating both inside and on an outside patio by the water. I usually order their shrimp scampi and caesar salad, both of which are amazing. I would warn those that Joe’s is a bit pricey so it definitely isn’t a weekly trip but amazing for a special dinner.


Located in the Seaport area, Gather is such a trendy place to grab food and take pictures! I made the trip over to Seaport in April and spent the day walking around. Sidenote: for anyone over 21, Gather is definitely such a cool day-drinking place! When I went, I ordered a margarita flatbread and had the beer pretzels for an appetizer. Definitely worth the trip over!


Want a nice patio lunch? Dillion’s is the place to go! Dillion’s is located right near the Prudential Center and is a relatively short walk away. I loved the outdoor seating area and the food was amazing. I decided to try the cheeseburger crunch wrap with fries and was not disappointed. I even brought home leftovers and ate them again for lunch the next day!


Tatte in my opinion is the cutest cafe in all of Boston. Located right on Boylston Street across from Target, Tatte offers breakfast and lunch. I usually order their B.L.A.T. which is bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato. But I also love their chocolate croissants!   

Lucia Ristorante 

Pasta enthusiast? Lucia Ristorante is located in the North End and the place to go! I must warn they are a bit pricey, so again, not a weekly trip but perfect for once in a while. I usually order their shrimp scampi and it never disappoints!

El Pelon Taqueria 

Located right on Petersborough Street, El Pelon Taqueria is the perfect Mexican restaurant. I usually order a steak burrito and a side of guac with chips. Don’t forget a coke in a glass bottle! They offer a few indoor seats and many outdoor seats right on their patio.


Can’t forget about dessert! Although I rarely have room for dessert after dinner here are my two favorite places. Both are located a short walk away from campus.

Insomnia Cookies 

What college student doesn’t love some fresh warm cookies! Insomnia Cookies located Commonwealth Ave serves a variety of cookies and are open late nights. It is also such a close walk from campus. When I made the trip over I ordered the Chocolate Chunk and M&M cookies, both classics were perfect.

J.P. Licks

Ice cream anyone? J.P. Licks offers so many flavors and is a short walk from campus! I tried the Brownie Batter ice cream when I went and it was so good!


As I pack up my dorm room and reflect on all the amazing memories from this spring semester, I know I will definitely be missing campus, Boston, and of course the food when I get home. There are so many amazing restaurants in the Boston area and it is such fun to explore and find your new favorites! Although, I hope you will check out some of mine!



I'm a sophomore at Emmanuel College, located in Boston, majoring in Elementary Education. I'm from Northern New Jersey. I love writing about Movies and Tv Shows, Politics, and Lifestyle articles.
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