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My Favorite Moment of the Day

So recently I have decided to journal. At first I wanted to write about the struggles I felt from my day to day life, but I realized it was too much. I felt that I was focusing on the issues I didn’t have much control over, like my anxiety or OCD. I wrote my pain, but just felt overcome with fear and unhappiness. I couldn’t fix my emotions, I was just stuck in my own mind. So instead, I decided to write about the opposite. My mom gave me a journal about a year ago that I always brought to school with me but never wrote in. The other day I took out that exact notebook and looked at it. On the cover it says, “Favorite Moment of the Day” and that is the exact thing I needed. I decided to write in this notebook. Each day, I write the date and three things about my day that I love.

Ideas for Journal:

1. Who were people who impacted your day for the better?

2. What is one good food you ate today?

3. How did your day improve?

4. What made today better than yesterday?

5. What did someone do to help you today?

Now whenever my day sucks, I can remember that there were was at least three good parts of it. This also reminds me of the people in my life that make me happiest. Whether it be the kids in the class I work in, my roommates or a conversation on Facetime, I feel rejuvenated by the people and experiences in my life. I found my way to think about the good instead of dwelling on the bad.

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Meghan McKnight

Emmanuel '20

Meghan McKnight is a junior at Emmanuel College and is the Editor in Chief in Emmanuel's Her Campus chapter.
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