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Molly Peach-Blonde Girl And Flowers
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My Favorite Flowers For Spring 2023

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emmanuel chapter.

Spring has always been my favorite season of all. This time of the year always feels like life is coming back after long dreadful winters. The amount of joy I feel when I see the first bloom is unmeasurable. My favorite part of Spring is seeing all of the plants and flowers coming back to life. My preference of flowers changes every Spring so I thought it would be a great idea to list my favorite flowers for Spring 2023. 

My top flowers are tulips. This flower has been a staple for me. I know that they are basic but that is the reason why I love them! They are so easy to take care of and to vase. All they need is water and sunlight. I love that when I put them in a vase or a bouquet, I don’t need to add in any other greens or flowers– tulips look beautiful alone. Another reason why I love tulips is because they are usually cheap. That is always a plus for a college student. 

I absolutely adore baby’s breath this Spring. This flower looks so delicate. It is a great way to add femininity into any floral arrangement or bouquet. It matches with almost anything because of its neutral colors. For this Spring, I will be using baby’s breath around my apartment to add some home decor. It’s perfect for home decor because it doesn’t take away any attention from the house, it just compliments it. One downside of baby’s breath is the slightly unpleasant smell, but that will not discourage me from loving it. 

Lastly, sweet pea flowers will be making an entrance into my home this Spring. Just by the name you know the flower is beautiful. I love sweet pea flowers because they don’t have the typical shape of a flower, since the petals are usually asymmetrical. There’s curves and twists in every petal causing a droopy look, however I love this look. This flower is a great add on for any bouquet. It adds color as well as shape, but it also can be in a bouquet on its own. 

Tulips, baby’s breath, and sweet pea flowers will be a staple for me this Spring. I can’t wait to add some color and life into my apartment with these flowers. Probably along the way, the list of my favorite flowers for spring 2023 will grow!

Madeleine Graves-Witherell is a sophomore studying Communications and Media Studies. She recently has worked with multiple social media platforms, specifically Instagram and TikTok in marketing means. Madeleine is an activist for women's rights and social change. When she is not writing, she is listening to Vance Joy on repeat or reciting The Office quotes.