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My Favorite Coffee Shops Around Boston!

Out of all the drinks offered in our universe, coffee is definitely my favorite—especially espresso! Iced drinks are probably my favorite, but I’m always down for a hot drink too! Caffeine is a must when it comes to staying awake and getting work done in school. I could manage without coffee, but it makes life so much better. At home there are two Nespresso machines, a frother, a normal coffee machine and a Keurig in my kitchen, so I could say that my family and I have a slight obsession. I guess you could say that we love coffee as much as the Gilmore Girls or even more LOL. As a college student in Boston, there are many options and cafes to explore. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Caffe Vittoria

Caffee Vittoria is the cutest shop in the North End of Boston located on Hanover Street right next to Mike’s Pastries. What I love about it is that it is small and cozy; it is the best when you go when it is not super busy, it is such a peaceful experience. The North End in general is one of my favorite places here, it encapsulates so much nostalgia. My family and I have come here many times since I was young, it is definitely one of my comfort places in the city. At Caffe Vittoria all of their drink options are amazing, but my absolute go-to is their cappuccino! It is one of my favorite ones that I have had lately; it is the perfect temperature and they top it off with coco. I recommend you order the Tiramisu or some plain almond biscottis to go with it, they also have great gelato too. The espresso is super good and coco is the best part. There is nothing better than a cappuccino with a hint of chocolate!

Blackbird Donuts

Blackbird does have some awesome drinks, but I definitely go there more for the donuts! They also offer cold brew, teas and frozen drinks as well; there is even frozen apple cider in the fall. There are various locations around the city, one is right here in Fenway next to Target. When I go I usually get an iced coffee with whole milk, my favorites of their classic donuts are the chocolate sprinkle and vanilla glaze.  There are many other flavors as well and they have special flavors that change every month. Some of the specials from the menu that I have loved are the ice cream cake bismark, summer berry and s’mores. If you are in the mood for a cold dessert, then you should try the donut ice cream sandwich! Choose any donut of your choice, then pair it with either chocolate or vanilla ice cream; I usually get a vanilla glaze with chocolate!

Caffe Nero

This place is a classic! What I love about Caffe Nero is how relaxed the vibe is, it is a great place to go do work. There is a location here in Fenway next to Sweet Cheeks on the main strip, as well as various ones around the city. Everyone there is always sitting with their computers out or spending time with their friends. They play really nice music too. There is just something about it that is so calming and keeps me focused. When I come here I usually order an iced latte with whole milk, a cappuccino or an iced caramel latte. For pastries I tend to go for the plain or chocolate croissant! This is one of my usual spots for coffee since it is right down the street from school and has the perfect homework environment!


Tatte has many locations around the city and there is one in Fenway right across the street from Target. My all time favorite drink here is their cappuccino! I do like the lattes as well. The baristas here create such complex coffee art, it is so aesthetically pleasing. Along with the fancy drinks made here are the tasty pastries. Some of the best ones in my opinion are any of the croissants (I love the almond one), the chocolate or cinnamon rose, apple pie, coffee cake or meringues! Some of their other desserts that I get here and there are the chocolate mouse cake, tiramisu, brownies and chocolate chip cookies! Friday through Sunday, Tatte has an all day brunch with lots of dishes to choose from, the french toast is next on my list. There are also lunch options too, my favorite sandwich is the tomato mozzarella! What makes Tatte nice is that they have something for everyone and are accommodating to food needs.


Starbucks is definitely a staple when it comes to coffee, you can never go wrong with it! What I love to get here are the iced caramel macchiatos (I know, so basic lol), the iced shaken espresso drinks (My favorite is the brown sugar) or the hot chocolate. The refreshers are super good too, I like getting the strawberry acai with lemonade. My sisters and I go there all the time, we love getting the cake pops. Starbucks has the cutest mugs too, my family and I have a ton of them in our cabinet from a million places that we have been to. Getting coffee here allows for people to be more creative with their coffees and create new drinks for themselves with the array of syrups and add ons!


Last but not least, we cannot forget about Dunks! Nowhere else screams Massachusetts more than this place. Dunkin is another nostalgic place; I grew up waking up to some mornings to see a box of donuts on the table or having the iconic hot chocolate on cold winter days. These days I still get all of those items as well as coffees and lattes. I do enjoy an iced green tea from there as well. My favorite donuts here are the chocolate frosted, powdered and glazed! The munchkins are an easy 10/10—they really are the best for a quick snack. I plan on trying the peanut butter latte soon, it sounds amazing! 

Hi my name is Karly and I am in my Junior Year at Emmanuel College. I am studying Communications with a Minor in Marketing and Writing. I plan to someday work in the fashion industry and live in Boston. In my free time I love to walk around the city, read, get coffee, see my friends and family. I have three adorable dogs and a fun fact is that I have my Cosmetology License!
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