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Meet This Week’s Campus Cutie: Kyle Hardy (’16)

Whether you know him from working in the JYC or from his ever-active Twitter account (@TheKyleHardy), chances are, you know who this week’s Campus Cutie is. Read on to learn more about the one and only, Kyle Hardy!

Hometown: Old Lyme, CT

Major: Business Management

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Relationship Status: …no comment

HCE: Hey, Kyle! So, we know already that you do so much on campus. But to start our interview off, can you tell us what you’re involved in? What’s made the biggest impact on you in the past four years?

KH: My biggest involvement has been the Business Club. I started off as a general member my freshman year. Then, second semester freshman year, I came on as vice president, and I continued that until most recently, when I became the president. Now I’m in the process of handing it over to a new group so that they can carry it on. That’s my longest-running [area of involvement]. Other than that, [I was] an Orientation Leader two summers ago, for the incoming class of 2018. That was definitely something that made a really big impact on my life here. I loved it, made a lot of good friends, and learned a lot about myself and others. I also currently work in the Jean Yawkey Center as a manager for the building.

HCE: Wow, you must be busy! Since you gave us inspiration (and even a few article ideas) for this week’s Thanksgiving-themed content, we would love to know, what are your top three Thanksgiving staples?

KH: That’s hard… There definitely has to be stuffing. My stepmom makes this really cool one with croutons in it that are soaked in some kind of oil. She won’t tell me what it is but it keeps me wanting more. I wanna say any bread-heavy stuffing is my favorite. There’s so much to choose from… [pause] Oh, mashed potatoes, obviously: the more garlic, the better. Okay, and my third will be turkey, but it has to be deep-fried.

HCE: What will your Thanksgiving be like? Traveling? Lots of relatives?

KH: There will be a lot of relatives, yes: primarily my stepfamily, since I live with my father and he’s remarried to my stepmom. We all go to my step-aunt’s house and we have good times. This Thanksgiving, I’m bringing a friend home with me because she lives far away; she’s from Texas. So that will be fun, there will be more people. There will be more dogs too because we got more dogs, so I’m excited for that as well. It’s just a very good time where we hang out all day, eat way too much, and play with the dogs…with a lot of regrets afterwards about all of the eating!

HCE: Something we can all relate to! On a different note, I know you watch a lot of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Which Kardashian is your favorite, if you’re able to choose?

KH: See, this is always a changing thing for me because they all do their own thing. I want to say, consistently, it would have to be Kris [Jenner]. I know she’s not technically a Kardashian, but she is their mom. She’s the major breadwinner of the family, and she gave her daughters the career that they have today in a sense. I mean, Kim kind of sparked the initial interest, but her mother took that and made it into a career for her, and then spun it off to create careers for everybody else. But, if you want to speak about specifically the Kardashians, it would have to be Kourtney. She’s the oldest and seems to be the most put-together. Especially with all [of] the drama that’s been happening with Scott Disick, she keeps it together very well and I’m a fan of that. She also has adorable kids.

HCE: [laughs] Thanks for the amount of thought and depth you put into that answer; we appreciate it. Who’s your number one celebrity crush?

KH: Calvin Harris. He is the highest paid DJ in the world. He is incredibly attractive and he has an accent. He has nice tattoos and his Snapchat-stories are hilarious. Also, he may have broken up with her– it’s not confirmed yet– but for a while he was dating Taylor Swift.

HCE: Are you a big T-Swift fan?

KH: I am a massive fan of Taylor Swift, but I do understand that she also has her flaws. She’s in the spotlight a lot and because of that, she gets ripped apart. She makes her mistakes but I think everyone is too quick to tear her down. She’s trying her best and the girl is only twenty-five, twenty-six: should we really expect her to not make mistakes at that age? We’re too harsh on her, and regardless, I’m a huge fan.

HCE: Agreed! Now for the final question that I think we’re all curious to hear about: how do you stay on top of your Twitter game? What’s the secret to having your tweets get an average of 20+ favorites?

KH: I really don’t know when it started… I made my Twitter [during] my sophomore year of highschool and I barely used it for two years. I got into it my senior year… I really don’t know what the secret sauce is. I want to say I’m too personal with a lot of things I say, and I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I think people enjoy that. In a sense, I say what’s on people’s minds in a funny way that isn’t offensive. It’s just a great way to express myself. I honestly think I became “Twitter famous” for no reason; some people liked it and it spread to their friends and now some people think I’m funny.

HCE: And how long do you usually spend crafting the perfect tweet?

KH: It depends on the tweet. Sometimes, I’ll spend a ton of time on one and it’ll get less than ten favorites. But then I’ll tweet on the fly about something absolutely ridiculous that happened, and it will blow up. It’s [also] hard to cater to an audience that is drowning themselves in parody accounts. Any other further inquiries can be sent to @TheKyleHardy on Twitter [laughs].

Thanks for the interview, Kyle! And from those of us who follow you on Twitter: thanks for always making us laugh. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Holliston//Boston Current senior at EC, future teacher of your children Things that make me happy include: Christmas, new bottles of nail polish, ice cream cookie sandwiches, a good book, and anyone who can understand my Friends jokes. 
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