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Meet Our September Member of the Month, Caitlin Palmer


Every month, Her Campus at Emmanuel recognizes a general member for going above and beyond with their attendance, articles and participation. For September we chose Caitlin Palmer! Read on to learn more about her!

Name: Caitlin Palmer

Class year: 2022

Major or interests: Sociology Major with a Concentration in Criminology; Legal Studies Minor 

Astrological sign: Aires sun, Libra moon, Virgo rising (my placements represent me too well – it’s spooky)

Why she joined Her Campus at Emmanuel: I wanted a platform where I could get more comfortable writing, and where I had the flexibility to write about whatever I wanted. I also love the idea of a space made by and with women in mind in journalistic styles of writing, because certain areas are heavily male dominated.

What she likes writing about: I will write about anything – I just really enjoy writing. I find that I write best when I’m passionate about something. Frequently, that means I’m writing about somewhat serious issues, as I have learned to channel the passion I have for certain subjects into writing – I think it helps you process and understand more fully when you write things out. But, I generally think writing is a very powerful outlet and taking full use of any platform you’re given is super important. At the end of the day, the goal for me is making sure my writing feels authentic and does whatever I’m discussing justice.

What she likes to do in her free time: I love Parks and Recreation and I’m currently on my third watch through of the show, but I also enjoy going to the gym and hanging out with my friends (usually after grabbing some Dunkin’ Donuts).

Fun fact: My favorite dessert is the Red Velvet Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. It’s life changing. Everyone should try it.

Favorite thing to do in Boston: I really enjoy going to the Common to sit near the pond and watch the ducks. When I miss being home and seeing animals and green space, I find this to be an especially relaxing place.

If you want to check out Caitlin’s writing, you can read her Her Campus articles here. Congrats, Caitlin!


Victoria Harding is a senior at Emmanuel College majoring in communications with a minor in management. She is a fourth year Her Campus at Emmanuel member, and is thrilled to be HCE's President this year! Victoria is also a Resident Assistant, member of Emmanuel College's 1804 Society, a residence hall desk assistant, and intern at MEDIAGIRLS. Follow her on Twitter @VictoriaRose_29 and Instagram @victoriahardingg.
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