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Meet “Big Man on Campus” Cutie: Sal Zarzana (‘18)

You may recognize this B.M.O.C. candidate from 1804 Society – in fact, they are the ones who nominated him! Read on to learn more about sophomore Sal Zarzana before we get to see him perform at the Big Man on Campus event this Thursday!

Hometown: Holly, Pennsylvania

Major: Psychology with a Concentration in Counseling and Health 

Zodiac Sign: Leo

HCE: So, tell me a little bit about how you ended up being a nominee for Big Man on Campus.

SZ: Hmm, I wonder how that happened? [chuckles] Well, I heard about it from 1804! The thing that made me take the leap of faith, [which is] how I’m calling it, is stepping outside of my box. Plus, when you’re called to represent 1804, you have to do it!

HCE: What are you currently involved in on campus?

SZ: I’m a member of the 1804 Society, a TA for General Psych, a Leadership Academy member, and recently, a retreat leader for Reaching Out.

HCE: With all your involvement at Emmanuel, is there one specific experience you’ve had that has had a huge impact on you?

SZ: Working on the retreat and being in 1804, because they’re pretty synonymous. I’ve learned that I can make an impact even if I haven’t necessarily experienced the same struggles someone else has. I can relate to them on a human level and that’s really encouraging, especially with where I’m going with my field.

HCE: You’re obviously a very busy guy. What are some things you like to do when you’re not running around Emmanuel?

SZ: Well after my class today, I’m going back to my room to watch Netflix [laughs].  I’m catching up on Once Upon a Time!

HCE: Do you have any advice for new students at Emmanuel?

SZ: I think my biggest piece of advice, besides time management, is to always be true to yourself. It’s important to also realize that going to college is a life adjustment, not just an academic adjustment. It’s so much more than that. Social life is important, and balancing that with the responsibility of being on your own and with classes, can be challenging!  

HCE: How are you feeling about the B.M.O.C. event itself? Can you give us any hints about what will be going down at the big show?

SZ: I’m nervous! I also just realized it’s next week… so there’s that [chuckles]. I’m glad I’ve gotten better because now I can actually sing! There’s a tidbit. I don’t know the details yet but it will be interesting, to say the least.

HCE: Do you think you’re going to win?

SZ: To be honest, I know some of the people that are competing, but not most of them. Obviously I’d like to win, but again, it’s just for a good cause and to have fun! And I say this because I’m actually competitive so I’m just trying to keep in mind it’s [supposed to be] a good time.

HCE: I believe in you, and will be there to support! Finally, what’s your ideal day?

SZ: For me, especially because Thanksgiving is coming up, I’m so ready to take a trip home. I just went for a walk before I came here and I was staring at the Merck building… the shape of the street and how the light was working, reminded me of home. Being home, at this time, and in nature, would be my ideal day.

Well, we love you, Sal, and can’t wait to see you this Thursday! Good luck out there!

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