Meet Bailey, Emmanuel’s Newest Furry Friend

Between a new residence hall and celebrating their centennial, it’s been an eventful year for Emmanuel College for many reasons. If you’ve been anywhere near the residence halls, you’ve probably noticed some of the latest additions to EC are furry and four-legged. One of the newest Saints is Bailey, St. Ann Hall’s official mascot. Whether you’ve had the honor of meeting her in person yet or not, you can learn more about the smallest pup on campus here!

Full name: Bailey Bear

Breed: Mini Labradoodle

Age: 14 weeks

Home: 2nd floor of St. Ann’s, but in reality, it’s her campus and we’re all just living in it.

Where you can find her during the day: One of her three honorary jobs as Desk Assistant, Office Assistant or Resident Assistant. She also enjoys going on walks and visiting her puppy friend Charlie in the New Residence Hall.

Bailey working as a desk assistant

How big she will get: Bailey will eventually be around a whopping 30 pounds!

Favorite snack: Peanut butter and/or cheese

Favorite place on campus: Ann’s Lounge  

Favorite RA: She won’t say who, but we have some guesses!

Favorite toy: A giraffe squeaky toy

Likes: Belly rubs, snacks, chasing after people, making new friends, grabbing clothes

One of Bailey’s favorite snacks is shoes

Dislikes: Being picked up while she’s trying to explore, getting things pulled out of her mouth

How her Owner Describes Her: “She’s got a mind of her own, is very loving, and is a sleepy girl who loves naps”

If you see Bailey around campus, make sure you stop to say hi! She loves to meet new people and make friends!