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Look at that Sparkle: Rare Tiffany Jewelry

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most iconic jewelry brands and most women know their name. Many hope to see that pretty blue box when receiving presents because you know something priceless is within.  Tiffany & Co. is dated back to 1825 and since then they have been acquiring priceless jewels that have become etched in history. Now let’s take a look at Tiffany’s priceless pieces of art!

1. Emeralds of Isabella II, Queen of Spain


Image courtesy of Christies.com

In 1878, some of the royal jewelry of Queen Isabella II of Spain was being sold. Tiffany & Co. was a major buyer and most of her jewels adorned much of their jewelry at the time. This includes her emeralds which adorn the necklace above.

2. Morganite Necklace

Image courtesy of Tiffany & Co

In the 19th century, JP Morgan was one of Tiffany’s major buyers and to surprise the tycoon, Tiffany named a new gemstone they unearthed after him. This necklace was made for the 175th anniversary, it is 175 carats of morganite with diamonds tied in a bow, the necklace is now a classic.  

3. Fleur de Mer Clip

Image courtesy of The Jewelry Editor

Designed by Jean Schlumberger for Elizabeth Taylor, the clip was acquired by Tiffany’s in 2011. However, even though it was not originally made by Tiffany’s, it was created by one of their major designers which gives it a place in this list.

4. Tiffany Diamond

Image courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

In 1878, Charles Lewis Tiffany purchased the Tiffany diamond. Found in the mines of Africa, the Tiffany diamond is 287 carats that was cut into 128 carats of yellow diamond.  It was first made with a bird mounted on it, then it was transformed into a ribbon pattern, and finally to the necklace it is today. The jewel has been worn three times: first by the socialite Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse, then by Audrey Hepburn for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and most recently by Lady Gaga for the Oscars. The Tiffany Diamond is usually made at home on the first floor of the New York City store, so it can be admired by everyone who visits.

Tiffany’s will continue to keep its name in the jewelry business for pure designs and some of the best gemstones imaginable. Known not only for their jewelry, but also for making diamond engagement rings popular, Tiffany & Co is an institution. These remarkable pieces of jewelry have also made their name in history and will continue to be admired for the rest of time. Maybe someday we can all home to look as good as Gaga in Tiffany jewelry.

Image courtesy of Allure


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