Jamie Dornan Singing in Fifty Shades Freed is the Only Music You Need to Hear Today

To start things off, I just have to say that I went to see Fifty Shades Freed and I am proud of it! I enjoy watching those movies and following the character’s growth. Having read the books, I felt obligated to watch these movies to the very end! And not gonna lie, I was not disappointed!

(BRB as I am still dying by how beautiful the wedding was!)

One of my favorite parts of the film was a surprise that no one (not even the book readers) saw coming!  In the film, Christian takes Anastasia and their friends to his skiing lodge in Colorado.  They show off this gorgeous log cabin that I would trade my college education for. (I’m not kidding, it was gorgeous).  

Anyways, in the scene you end up hearing Christian play the piano, which is not anything new.  But then everyone became shocked. . . want to know why?  Why don’t you listen and find out?

Yes! That is right! Christian Grey (aka Jamie Dornan if we want to be realistic) sang in the film! And if his voice doesn’t cause you to melt, then you need to listen to it on repeat.  

Not only is it a moment of character growth for Christian, but it was very exciting to find out that Jamie Dornan is an amazing singer!  PopSugar recently wrote about how Jamie Dornan would sing around set, and everyone was shocked with how good he was!

Apparently, Jamie Dornan was in a rock band called “Sons of Jim” before he came to the United States. Sadly, the group broke up because they were “not good” so I stuck a video of their band in so you can make up your mind.  Personally I am not feeling it, but I am interested by others thoughts!

Even if he is not singing in a band anymore, I am glad that Jamie felt comfortable enough to bless us all with his sexy voice for the final film.  I don’t know about you, but I feel genuinely pleased by anything that man can do.