IT, Scary or Laughable?

Creepy clowns, frightening kids, and ominous red balloons.  That is what you get if you plan on going to see IT, which just premiered this past weekend.  Those things definitely don’t scream at many to come watch it, but for some that’s the perfect evening.  

What is IT, you may find yourself asking? IT is film about a group of bullied kids who live in Derry, Maine, where a large number of children  have gone missing.  Eventually, frightening things happen to the band of kids that show them that their town is plagued by an evil clown.  The group then joins together to stop the clown and save the town.

If that did not seem scary enough, I have kindly added it below so you can watch for yourself. Trust me, it’s worth watching.

Looks scary right? As someone who has seen the original, I definitely wanted to know if the new film would be just as good, or even measure up to the book written by Stephen King.  Thus, I decided I would spend my $15 at Regal Cinemas to find out if this movie was as scary as people claimed it to be.

Of course I couldn’t go alone, so I dragged my scared-of-clowns boyfriend to see the movie with me (which I did feel bad about later, but at the time I thought two scared people are better than one).

So we went, and I was not prepared for what I would watch. I won’t give any spoilers because I suggest you all see the movie, but IT was definitely not what I expected.  During the movie you witness these moments of kids enjoying summer or having tender moments, only then to have a clown come crashing down and ruining that sweet image!  Because of the back and forth between sweet, funny (there was a lot of jokes strangely enough), and scary scenes, you  become edgy, thinking anything bad would happen.  For me, any time one of the kids was alone, I swore left and right the clown would pop up out of a shower drain or window. Of course this was a horror movie, so about 75% was uncharacteristically scary.  And how can you not be scared with this face popping up all the time?

The film definitely beat my expectations.  I probably screamed close to six times during the film (and my poor boyfriend screamed much more than me).  I genuinely could not relax after leaving the movie. Even being in the stairwells made me nervous.  And while the movie was definitely frightening, it was also a fantastic in the way the characters interacted and how the storylines were laid out.  You see that the clown is not the only thing terrorizing these kids (no spoilers, remember?), and that made it realistically frightening to me.

All in all, I highly suggest you all go see the movie, and have a good laugh later about how scared you were (and will continue to be).  It definitely was a good horror film that provided unexpected laughs, intriguing storylines, and scream-worthy terror.  Some of you may be tougher than I am (I think of myself as pretty tough), but I believe anyone would be scared watching this movie. In my opinion, IT is definitely a classic horror film to plague your dreams.

So go buy your tickets and see if you can handle the clowns. Just remember, we all float down here.