Introducing the Chunky Blanket

Who doesn’t need another blanket in their lives? No one, that’s who.  So when I discovered the chunky blanket, I fell in love.  Not only is it a blanket, but it is literally knit by someone using their hands or with humongous knitting needles. (Those things look taller than I will ever be.)

My newfound love stems from my passion for knitting but also because of how comfy they look!  

Couldn’t you just curl up all day in that and watch Netflix? I know would not leave it for hours. None of my work would get done.

You can even do some great instagram posts in them!

They also look amazing just laying on the bed . . .  

Casually laid out with food and mugs of course.  Because if there are no it even comfy?

Ah, chunky blankets.  I don’t know about you, but I am still obsessed and my new goal is to make one for this coming winter.  I just hope that after this article, you understand how wonderful these blankets truly are!