If My Best Friend Pulled a Jordan Woods

Photo courtesy of Kylie Jenner (Snapchat)

If my best friend did anything along the lines of what Jordan Woods did to Khloe Kardashian, I would be completely devastated. If you haven’t been keeping up with this story, listen up: Tristan Thompson was caught cheating with Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordan Woods. Kylie and Jordan currently live together as best friends, while Tristan is Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy.

Looking at this situation on a personal level, I would ask my best friend SO many questions. What were you thinking? Where was I when this was happening? What went through your mind to think this was (in anyway) okay? Haven’t we grown up to know how important family is? Where do your morals stand? or how do you expect me act in this situation?

In these situations, you having feelings of frustration, angry, disappointment, and heartbreak for the people involved. If my friend ever completed an action like this against my little sister, I would be shocked to think that someone I trust my life and my secrets with, will also be the person to breakup my niece’s family. Interestingly enough, my best friend and I discussed this exact situation and we spoke about how wrong and ridiculous what they had done. I’m happy to say that we looked at this situation on another family’s feelings and said that we could never do that to each other. Being close to someone for so many years should create many obvious (and hidden) rules that are part of a best friend relationship. Best friends are there for support, nurture, love, and trust. In an event like this, I would feel betrayed and find my friend to be untrustworthy for involving themselves in such a family-ruining action.

We believe that friendships are stronger than rope, but, in these life changing decisions are bound to contract consequences for their acts. Especially when the two people causing the problem are the ones invited into the family life-style.

Girls need to remember to be there for each other and the hidden ‘Girl Code’ in society, especially if they are your best friend! Remember, when we’re hurt or upset in a relationship, it’s our friends that have our backs, support us when we are down, and remind us that we do not deserve the negative acts that happen in our lives.