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How People are Reacting to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ Presidential Win

It is official. Joe Biden is officially our next President and Kamala Harris is our next Vice President. Around the country, millions of people are taking to the streets. People can be seen in New York City, Philadelphia, and D.C. celebrating. Pride flags, Black Lives Matter Flags, and Biden/Harris Flags are flying proudly in the air. Pots and pans are being banged. Music is playing. People are chanting and dancing. 


Reactions in New York City:




Reactions in Washington D.C.:





Reactions in Philadelphia:





Reactions in Los Angeles:




Beyond this historic win for equality, this 2020 presidential election has been monumental in many other ways. 

  1. The 2020 election had one of the highest voter turnout in American history since 1900, with Joe Biden winning over 74.7 million votes! Gen Z voters made their voices heard in their first-ever election. 

  2. Kamala Harris is the first-ever female vice president. On the iconic 100 year anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, this win is more historic than ever.

  3. Kamala Harris is also the first-ever vice president person of color. She is a role model for young girls of color around the country. 

Celebrities are taking to social media to celebrate:

  1. Dylan O’Brien, an American actor who starred in MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” Paramount’s “The Maze Runner,” and Paramount’s “Love and Monsters,” took to Twitter to say “Nice to have a human again.”

  2. Lin-Manuel Miranda, an American songwriter who’s famous for writing Hamilton the Musical, posted on Twitter a gif from Hamilton with the caption “YES.”

  3. Nick Jonas, an American singer from his band the Jonas Brothers, commented on Joe Biden’s post “YES MR.PRESIDENT ELECT.”

  4. Dylan Minnette, an American actor from “13 Reasons Why” and lead singer in the band “Wallows,” responded to a Trump tweet with “I love that you are having such a bad day.”

  5. Lebron James, an American basketball player with the Los Angeles Lakers, posted waving hand emojis to a popular gif of Trump saying “You’re fired.”

  6. Zendaya, an American actress who starred in “Euphoria,” “The Greatest Showman,” and “Spiderman Far From Home,” tweeted a dancing gif with the caption “Let’s goooo”

The 2020 election will always be historic. The American people took a sigh of relief. Immigrants, people of color, women, and the LGBTQ+ community feel the weight of uncertainty fall off their shoulders. Across the country, people are celebrating a new era of equality and action, brought on from the Biden-Harris win. 

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