How to Dress for the Office You Work In

Image courtesy of The Balance Careers

First off, congratulations on your internship/interview/job! That’s fantastic. Now, comes the confusing part of preparing to work in an office-setting. What you wear on your first day can be confusing. To be honest, I’ve rarely liked what I wore to the first day of my internships. It’s because you haven’t been in the workplace before, and can’t analyze what everyone else is wearing. At least, that’s the problem for me.

If you had an interview in the office you will be working in, you’re a step ahead because you’ve gotten to see the vibe of the office. You understand if it’s very business-y and people wear suits. Or, you get to see what level of casual that office is. Sure, the people you have an interview with will be a little more dressed up, as it is a business event, but pay attention so you can be prepared if you end up working in that office.

Another important step in understanding what to wear is to ask your contact. Ask the person who offered you the internship what the dress code is. If you’re unable to do this, or they don’t get back to you, it’s always a better idea to dress more formal than casual. You don’t want to be the only person in the office wearing jeans when everyone else is wearing dress pants. But, if you wear dress pants and everyone else is wearing jeans, they will see your commitment to the job.

It’s always a good idea to dress up, instead of down. It’ll show your work ethic and that you’re prepared.

Most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing. If you want to dress up and be stylish, go for it. Clothes are all about expressing who you are, while dressing for an environment. I love different styles and trends. Sometimes it seems impossible to blend style with work clothes, but give yourself a little freedom to be yourself, especially if you work in a business-casual office. Show off your business style.