How to do Galentine’s Day Right

Ladies, it’s Galentine’s Day! (Which is arguably ten times better than the OG Valentine’s Day holiday) Whether you're single or coupled up, you can still appreciate today. But first, you need to ask yourself this very important question: Are you and your best gal pals ready for this Galentine’s day? If you aren’t sure, take a look the list below, because today, we’re going  over some dazzling tips to make your Galentine’s Day even more special!

1. Spread the love!

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THE absolute first rule to any successful Galentine’s starts with spreading the love, not just among your gal pals, but with other women in general. If you and your girls are out celebrating, hand out a couple compliments. You know how good it feels when a fellow female compliments your highlight or your dress? It feels freaking amazing! So, always make sure you do the same for your fellow females, especially on Galentine’s. Build each other up and spread the love y’all!  

2. Embrace your inner “Mom Friend” Qualities

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If you are the mom friend, like me, among your group, I have two words for you: BE EXTRA! Not only is it incredibly fun, but it’s rewarding to put such a big smile on your friends faces. You can be creative as you want and that means you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money. Something as simple as a handmade card, a bag of hershey kisses from CVS, or even just a big hug, will go a long way. The important thing to remember is to just show your gals how much you appreciate them, right?

AND for those of us that are not the mom friend, this rule still applies. If being extra isn’t your style, that’s okay, just say thank you and let your friends know how much you appreciate them!


3. Cocktails

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Whether you make your own or go out, a nice cocktail will never fail to add that something extra to make your Galentine’s ten times more fun.


4. Dancing!

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Remember ladies you don’t even have to go out to have a dance party, you can start one in your dorm, your home or anywhere. Where there’s music, there’s a dance party waiting to happen that’s all I’m sayin’.


5. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate


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Chocolate will make anything better, let’s be real.


  1. Facemasks

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Maybe you want to go the more traditional, all gals slumber party route? In that case you will need face masks! Treat you and your girls to some well deserved spa time.


7. Say HELL YES to comfort food of any kind


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Pizza? Hell yes! Chicken Wings? Hell yes! Chinese food? Hell YES! There are million comfort foods that you will for sure enjoy indulging in with your gal pals. You and your girls absolutely, no questions asked, should embrace the #noshame #treatyoself attitude this Galentine’s.


8. Make time for your girlfriends


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One the most important things to take away, if only this, is to make time to spend with your gals. And again, whether you are single or coupled up, it’s really important to make time for your friends, so don’t leave them hanging this Galentine’s Day!