The Her Campus at Emmanuel Team Shares their Costumes for Halloweekend Part 2

This year, with Halloween falling on a Tuesday, both October 24th-26th and the October 31st - November 2nd counted as Halloweekend. See what our team work for Halloweekend Part 2 below!

Victoria Dias

Got some 5 inch heels and went as my personal hero, Elton John. The most fun I’ve had in a costume in so long! 

Carly Silva 

A Boxer--this was a really cheap and easy costume! 

Victoria Harding

The most inexpensive Regina George costume I could pull together!


Megan Canfield

Inspired by OG Doja Cat, I’m a cow! I wanted to be a bit silly this year and this costume gave me the perfect excuse to break out the septum ring.