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What does your healing self need to listen to? What do you need to do in order to grow? Who needs to listen to you? The answer to all of these questions is Phoebe Bridgers. Phoebe Bridgers creates music for people who need to be seen, connected with, and heard. Her music is therapeutic, beautifully honest, and at the same time remarkably loving. Her songs create an illusion of friendship. She writes for people to feel connected and heard all along with the feeling of trust. Phoebe Bridgers allows for people to come to her in their most vulnerable state, comforting them with her visionary lyrics. Phoebe Bridgers made songs for just about anyone. As you read these three descriptions below, think to yourself: which one fits you the best? Each description connects to one of her songs. Once you decide which description describes you. Look below and listen to the matching song to start the healing process with Phoebe Bridgers

  1. You are naive and you feel things to the point where you become numb. In the past, you have dealt with a former partner. This partner felt like an endless cycle of emotions for you. The relationship was never perfect as everyone thought it was; you even persuade yourself that it was perfect because that is all you ever wanted, a perfect romantic story. The relationship was built out of mistrust and manipulation. The feelings of manipulation and lies came into a full circle where you became numb to it. It was then what you expected from your partner. You were in love with someone who had conflicting ideas of what love is. 
  1. You thought you may have healed from your past but it is still sneaking up from you. You have convinced yourself you have healed yourself and you can be happy now, right? You go to college, you have great friends, you have a loving partner, you feel accomplished. You should be happy. Even though you did everything you thought you could do in order to heal and be happy, you still feel sad. The way you have dealt with your past trauma is now sneaking up on you, affecting your overall growth. It feels unexpected and you are confused. It’s time to go back and heal properly with time. 
  1. You would do anything for the person you love, even if it means it will hurt you. You love someone so much that nothing else in the world matters to you. When you are in a relationship, you are fully invested. You would go through large lengths for this person no matter what. Your love is unimaginable, but their love is unfeasible. The more and more you love them, you break yourself a little bit more. 

If you picked description 1, you should listen to “Motion Sickness”

If you picked description 2, you should listen to “Garden Son”

If you picked description 3, you should listen to “Waiting Room”

It is your time to grow and heal from your past. You are on your journey of life and while you are riding this journey, you will gain the strength to overcome anything that is holding you in your past. Phoebe Bridgers wants the best for you.

Madeleine Graves-Witherell is a sophomore studying Communications and Media Studies. She recently has worked with multiple social media platforms, specifically Instagram and TikTok in marketing means. Madeleine is an activist for women's rights and social change. When she is not writing, she is listening to Vance Joy on repeat or reciting The Office quotes.
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