HCE Senior Send-Off: Makenzie Moore

A Senior Send-Off for the Her Campus Emmanuel’s 2018-2019’s Co Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief, Makenzie. She’s had some pretty incredible experiences both with Her Campus at Emmanuel, AND Her Campus National. Keep reading to learn a little more about how she made it through her 4 years here at Emmanuel!

Name: Makenzie Moore

Major: Individualized major in English Communications + Media Cultural Studies & Performing Arts, a mouth full I know!

Dream Job: Content Marketing Manager/Editor for an online Magazine

HCE Exec Board Position: Co-Campus Correspondent and Editor-In-Chief

Favorite class at Emmanuel: History of American Musical Theater with Scott Gagnon, it was SUCH a fun class, and Scott is so passionate about it that it’s almost comical.   

Favorite Thing to do in Boston: One of my favorite things to do in Boston (there are only about a thousand) is to walk random parts of the Freedom Trail and see where it brings me. I’ve found a lot of cute coffee shops and boutiques along the Freedom Trail, go figure!


HCE: Tell us a little about your history with Her Campus over the past four years!

Kenzie: Where do I even begin! I came into Her Campus at Emmanuel during it’s very first semester, because my best friend Sammy Martin was the very first CC and she thought I’d be a great fit, and I totally fell in love! That following Spring Semester, I walked in the HCE Body Positivity Fashion show, and became the Community Outreach/ Philanthropy Director by my Sophomore year. Then, I interned for Her Campus National under their Community Development Manager, which was so much fun! I got to know a LOT about the inner workings of Her Campus, and I became a Chapter Advisor to 10 lovely chapters, as well as helped on board several new chapters! And that was all just Sophomore year… Moving onto Junior year I became the Vice President, which was fun and all but I was still doing a lot of work for Her Campus National, so finding time to dedicate to both my own chapter and nationals got a little tricky, but I made it through! Now I’m a Campus Correspondent myself along with Ashley, who is totally incredible to work with. I’ve also loved being the Editor-in-Chief for our chapter, because I find having consistent articles to be super important, and they’re all incredibly professional looking, which I really take pride in. I can’t believe this is my final year with Her Campus at Emmanuel, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself once I graduate!

HCE: What has been your favorite part of being a part of the HCE team?

Kenzie: I love the incredible ladies I get to work with every week, and seeing their writing evolve over the semester has been incredibly gratifying. Her Campus has also opened up some incredible opportunities for my professional life, so I’ve really gotten the best of both worlds out of this club!

HCE: Do you have any advice for HCE in the future?

Kenzie: Never be afraid to make yourself heard, even if you’re just a general member. Get involved in event planning with the exec board, throw out any article ideas you have and make them happen! You have way more power than you think, so put yourself out there and show no fear!!

HCE: What have been some of your favorite moments and memories at Emmanuel?

Kenzie: Her Conference, all the way. Our team had so much fun in New York, and it was a great time to get to know new members and get to meet incredible people. The free swag wasn’t all that bad either… But, since we aren’t going back to Her Conference… I think the Fashion Show is my second favorite time of year, it is SO much fun and our girls work so hard to put it all together, I love it!

HCE: I know it’s slightly anxiety-inducing, but any plans for after you graduate?

Kenzie: I’m planning to live in Boston for as long as possible, I’m currently pursuing an incredible opportunity with an online magazine based out of the seaport, so that’s wicked exciting. But, there’s also been talk of possibly joining the Military if all goes south in the city… but we won’t think about that until it happens!

HCE: Do you have any advice or anything you would want to say to freshman Kenzie?

Kenzie: Value yourself girl, you have no idea just how much you’re capable of, and never ever sell yourself short. You’re going to accomplish some incredible things! So stop caring about what anyone else thinks about you, just be yourself and enjoy the ride.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done with HCE! We have absolutely loved having you as EOC this year. Good luck with everything in the future, we know you’re bound for great things. We’re going to miss you too much! HCXO