A Haunting in 1201

As this year comes to an end and I prepare to move out of my apartment, I feel as though I am finally ready to talk about my haunted apartment. But the real story here isn’t the spirit that lingers in my dorm, it's how I got rid of it.

Here at Emmanuel College, having a paranormal experience has become commonplace. We all have heard the myths and rumors or the spirits of nuns and old morgues beneath buildings. Ironically, I had never had a true paranormal experience until moving into the New Residence Hall.

Well, I guess I have no real proof of that. Trust me though, things got real spooky.

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It all started just around Halloween time. My roommates and I were trying to get into the spirit if the holiday by starting a season of American Horror Story. In hindsight, this was probably our first mistake.

That night, around 3am, we heard a loud crash followed by an another equally loud crash. This is enough to startle anyone, but particularly 4 paranoid girls who just binged a horror drama.

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That night our mirror had fallen off of the wall and shattered. This was just the beginning!

Later that week, after washing the dinner dishes, my roommate and I had a quick chat about how bad it would be if we dropped our giant glass cutting board. I wish I had a photo for reference, but as you may have already guessed, it’s gone now.

The next morning I woke up to  thousands of tiny pieces glass scattered throughout the kitchen and living room. On the counter top layed a pile of broken glass snuggled right up against the wall and knife set. The cutting board had shattered in place.

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That’s when we knew the ghost was real.

The next encounter was small, but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Once again around 3 am, (you know, the witching hour), I was up late doing homework. I was the only one awake. With a perfect view of the bathroom I heard the click of the motion sensored light, and watched the bathroom lights turn on. All on their own. As if someone walked in, but no one was there.  

Now, lucky for me but I have a friend, Tyler,  who happens to be an expert on all things spirits. I called him the next morning and told him about everything that had happened over the past few weeks. While I explained, he consulted his pendulum, and confirmed that we did in fact have spirits.

All of my roommates were going home for the weekend, and I was not about to spend my weekend alone with my ghostly roommates. So that Saturday night, I decided to send them on their way.

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To preface this, I’ve known Tyler my whole life. From the day I met him, he told me he was a witch and  I assumed he lived with a coven of witches like Sabrina. After spending extensive time with him and his family over the last ten years, I decided to let the whole “witch thing” go. Until that night

Tyler came over ready to go. He had books, sage, crystals, and white candles, (he bought it at City Target on the way over). He carved symbols into the candle and began to consult the pendulum.

The pendulum began answering to Tyler, swinging and stopping on command all while clearly answering his questions. When the pendulum said it was ready, Tyler lit the sage and called on the “Goddess of Night” to cleanse my home free of spirits. We kept the windows open so the spirits could be let out into the light.

After the saging was over, Tyler consulted the pendulum yet again, to confirm the job had been done. The pendulum confirmed that the spirits had been let into the light, and they were no longer with us. Although, as Tyler put it, they could always come back if I become too “open”.

However, the pendulum also said there was more cleansing left to be done. Confused and ready to consult the books, Tyler decided to text his psychic from home, Maryanne. With no explanation, Maryanne asked for my address, and said nothing else.

The next day she replied “Done”.

Apparently, he last bit of cleansing had been completed from miles away. Don’t ask me how. And sure enough, we haven’t had a paranormal experience since!

So, if you’re ever in need for a spiritual cleansing, just give me a shout. I can hook you right up. I’m 90% sure my best friend is a witch.