Getting Back in the Swing of College as Told by Elle Woods

Going back to school after summer can be great! You get to see your friends again and you’re back in Boston where everything is happening! But going back to school also means studying, professors, finals, etc. Not fun stuff. After a stress-free summer, your brain is really going to have to work to get back into the school mindset. To help you battle that brain of yours, you can follow some tricks used by Elle Woods, the queen of getting sh*t done.

1. Get organized early on

If Elle hadn’t stayed organized, then I doubt she would have made it through law school! Getting organized is the key to having a clear mind when jumping back into classes and schoolwork. After a summer of making money and binge-watching, you really need to organize yourself so you feel prepared when your exams kick in. My must-have to stay organized is a planner because I can always write everything that needs to be done and it’s a place for my to-do lists! Organization is definitely key!

2. Plan ahead

Planning ahead can be super beneficial when starting school again. You can set goals, write everything that needs to get done, or even just put yourself in the right mindset. When you plan ahead, you are more apt to be prepared for the transition back into studying. You don’t want to be cramming for that first exam a month into the semester.

3. Figure out a workout routine

I am pretty bad at this one (since I don’t exercise), but working out can push you to start a routine. For many, a routine is what makes them feel more centered at college and that they can handle what comes at them each day. Working out also is super healthy, so there is nothing wrong with that. Also, endorphins make you happy, and who doesn’t want to be happy?

4. Don’t skip any classes

To some people, this may seem pretty obvious. Skipping class can seem pretty tempting now that you are back with your friends. However, you may need those sick days later down the road, so be sure not to skip.

5. Rest

I know this scene is a low point for Elle, but in my mind, chocolate and TV is the perfect way to relax. If I’m not napping, I would love to be eating chocolate and watching something romantic. The main thing is just resting! Coming back to college can be stressful and hectic, so find time to relax and lay low. When you rest, your body is able to focus more and that way you can stay on top of your game!

6. Study with friends

When you do your work with friends, you are spending time with them and also being productive! It is basically a win-win situation! Just make sure that you actually get things done!

7. Make sure you give yourself time to really focus

If you struggle at getting work done with your friends, try and make time for yourself to sit down and pump out your work. It can be in the library or in your room - anywhere you feel you can really focus on your schoolwork. Focusing on her schoolwork was the way that Elle got into Harvard and her freshman internship, so it’s definitely worth a try!

8. Take time to have fun!

Whether it is on a week day or on the weekend, give yourself time to have fun! School starting does not mean that the fun needs to end, but that you now have to work around it! Grab your girls and get out for a night and just let loose! Maybe even do the bend and snap!  

School may seem daunting, but it can be easily handled if you are in the right mindset. You are strong enough to get through this school year and get what you deserve! Only you can set yourself up to be successful and get back in the swing of things. Elle Woods said it best: “You must always have faith in yourself.”

So go plan ahead and get organized! Maybe work out! Either way, get back in the swing of things and end this semester like Elle Woods would!