Follow Her: To San Diego, Coffee Edition

Anyone who knows me knows that I live off of three essential things: oxygen, the Red Sox and caffeine. Over this past winter break, I traveled to sunny San Diego to visit some family members. While we were there, my aunt took me to this really cool coffee shop called S3 Coffee Bar. Not only was the atmosphere of the location absolutely adorable, the coffee and presentation of the drinks was an Instagram food accounts dream in a cup. I thought I’d share some of the pictures of the drinks I tried. Enjoy!

This rainbow latte was amazing! It was French vanilla, which is a coffee flavor I’ve never really tried before and really enjoyed!


This drink was called “Ursula’s Revenge”. Although it technically isn’t coffee, this lemonade is blue at first, but turns a beautiful deep lavender color once you add the lemon juice in a test tube!


This was a honey and rose latte, which at first I was very hesitant to try at first, because I didn’t think that honey and roses would taste good in a coffee. I was so wrong, this coffee was the perfect combination of caffeine and floral notes!

Thinking of traveling to San-Fran any time soon? Make S3 your go-to coffee stop on your trip, you don't want to miss out of these incredible drinks!