Follow Her: Massachusetts Conference for Women

The Massachusetts Conference for Women took place Wednesday and Thursday of this past week at the Boston Convention Center.  There, I had the opportunity of selling products from women owned businesses and supporting them. This semester I interned for Rani Wise Consulting, a small marketing  firm that only would with women owned and women operated businesses (WOWO) and nonprofits. At this conference, she had a booth that featured some products from her client  and some of her favorite local female makers. It was the perfect way to support women and discover new WOWO businesses

The first day at the conference started strong, when the amazing chalk boss helped us give our booth a little extra flair. She is a local artist, and you may have seen her work around Boston without even knowing it.

Wednesday morning she made us an amazing sign, all sketched out within 2 hours.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Bragdon

The main highlight of the opening night came when the one and only Aly Raisman spoke to the crowd. Her words were so powerful, with her main message being to support and stand with survivors. Believing and supporting survivors is one of the most important things a person can do.  

Her poise and power blew me away in this moment. She spoke of her trauma with such grace but admitted how difficult it truly was. This was something I will never forget.

The next day consisted of a lot of work, a lot of selling and a lot of empowering women. The best part of this whole experience was meeting female business owners and entrepreneurs and watching women shop small to support one another. I learned that women truly build a network and an army with one another, and it is conferences such as these that keep women going. It reminds them that this is what they love to do.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Bragdon

These two days reminded me how important it is that women support one another, rather than tear each other down. By remaining connected and attending events such as these, women will no longer be a minority in business.

The concept that women are competing against each other is one of the past. When one woman opens a door, she holds that door open for her sister. Women are a support system for one another, and when women support other women, nothing is impossible.