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Boxing has recently become increasingly more popular among celebrities we know and love, like Khloe Kardashian, Shay Mitchell, and Demi Lovato. Though boxing has been around for a long time, for those of us who do not follow the sport through the olympics or sports channels, our first encounter is more likely to be a result of another outlet such as celebrity workout trends. At least I can say for myself, I did not get into boxing through traditional sport outlets.

This’s my first year boxing, and although it’s a challenging workout, I love it and it’s truly helped me get into awesome shape.

I started boxing when a good friend of mine needed to blow off some steam after a bad break up, and suggested we try it out. Both previously ballet dancers, we wanted to try something very different, and empowering!

Entering my very first class, the instructor asked me to provide an emergency contact in case I passed out, which as you can imagine made me very nervous. Having never experienced a workout like this before, I truly had absolutely no idea what to expect. Was I going to be fighting other people? Was I even strong enough to make it through the 60 minute workout I just signed myself up for?

There was a boxing ring, a workout equipment area and the matted area with all of the punching bags. With motivating workout music blasting in the background, the environment was both exciting and terrifying.


Image courtesy of Angelle Wilbur

After my friend and I were all checked in and officially freaked out, the instructor wrapped our hands and showed us the basic punching combinations. Then we proceeded to find a spot by a punching bag and starting stretching while we awaited our fate.

The 60 minute workout consists of cardio warm up, eight rounds on the punching bag and abs.

Ten minutes to go, then five, then one….

Our instructor came charging in with excitement and started yelling cardio combos at us. Everything nonstop from burpees to mountain climbers and needless to say we learned pretty quick why they asked for an emergency contact.

As the workout went on to the punching combinations, my arms started burning, sweat started dripping, and energy began to fade, I felt something incredible happen. The more we did, the better I got! I felt strong and empowered, which made every other exhausting feeling totally worth it.

By the end of the workout my friend and I truly felt like we got our asses kicked by the workout, but we made it through and we didn’t pass out. We were exhausted, but victorious! We could barely walk or move for the following few days from being so sore, but after the soreness subsided, we felt strong and ready to try another class.

Though fiercely exhausting, I was hooked, and since then I have been taking class at least once a week. Some classes are harder than others, especially if I take a week or two off, but I build my strength with every class!

If you are thinking about starting boxing classes, I highly suggest it! It’s an intense, but fun and empowering workout!

Elise Kline

Emmanuel '20

Elise is currently studying as an undergraduate at Emmanuel College in Boston with a major in Communications & Media Studies. This is her third year with Her Campus and she is more than ready to adventure into another year of all things related to politics, social justice, empowerment, lifestyle and more! She loves writing, watching rom coms and kickboxing!
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