Follow Her: to a Full Moon Ceremony

Over the weekend, I decided to make the trek to Vermont for the full moon. My friend Morgan is from there, and she goes to this event that’s called a full moon ceremony. Now, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I went, I just knew that after the seventh time of being told I had to come, I just had to. 


    We get to the building (it’s called All Souls; if you’re ever in Burlington, Vermont DEFINITELY go check out their different celebrations and ceremonies I promise it is so worth it) and walk into people ranging from 12 to around 70. Everyone is doing yoga and dancing to a drum circle that’s going on in the middle of the room. I went closer to the wall and started doing some yoga.


    After a few minutes, the woman who was leading the ceremony is calling us into a circle and telling us a beautiful metaphor about snowflakes (oh yeah, a good time to mention that the last full moon was a snow moon for context) and we had to then close our eyes to find a partner that our soul brings us to and talk about an aspect of our journey for three minutes with no interruptions. This is when I began to feel a weight lifted off my shoulders and I knew I needed to come here more than I realized from the start.


    Once the first activity is done the best part comes in; she plays music and everyone begins to dance however the music moves them for around an hour and a half. For me, I did dance like an absolute psychopath for the entire time, and it was the most freeing thing that I have ever felt. It was one of the first times that I realized that no one was looking at me and I could do and look however I wanted.


    The night ended with us all leaning and laying on each other with candles around us. We all began to feel so connected and talked about the spiritual experience that we had once the group began to trickle out. This whole ceremony is something that has given me an honest spiritual awakening and has helped me on my personal journey. Yes, it was something outside of my comfort zone, but it was also something that my heart and being needed in order to grow further on my journey. I highly recommend doing something like this if you ever have the opportunity no matter how crazy or strange it may sound.