Follow Her to Downton Abbey

This past weekend, I spent four hours on a bus to New York City, specifically to visit my favorite house, Downton Abbey. The Downton Abbey exhibition moved to the United States in November and decided to stay in New York City, because the dinner parties were such a hit. Downton charges a pretty penny to visit their infamous house, but it’s once in a lifetime.

First, we visited Mrs. Patmore and Daisy in the kitchen. It seemed the pair was working on dinner for the family. It smelled fantastic!

Then, we made our way to the servants’ dining room. It seemed like the servants downstairs had just finished cleaning up a meal and were off helping the various members of the Crawley family dress for dinner.

We then made our way to check on Mr. Carson in his office. The desk was covered in letters and cards. It seemed like Mr. Carson was very busy running the daily duties of Downton Abbey.

Once we made our way through the servants quarters of the house, we got to apply for a job at Downton! The application thought I may be best suited to work with Mrs. Patmore in the kitchen, but I can’t say I agree. After I denied my position at Downton, which I will forever regret, we made our way to visit the family upstairs. Our first stop was the dining room, which was all set up for dinner with the extended family.

After gawking at the beautiful table placements and imaging the different dishes Carson watched walk through the double doors, we made our way to Lady Mary’s bedroom. It seemed we missed dinner and Anna was already preparing her for bed.

We made our way to the the final level of the exhibition after visiting Lady Mary. We were able to see the most famous outfits of the series. We gawked at everything from Lady Mary’s wedding dress, to the outfits Mr. Carson and Ms. Hughes wore on their wedding day. My favorite was the the blue pant jumpsuit that Sybil wore in the second season, when Branson peeked in on her.

Overall, the Downton Abbey Exhibition in NYC was a dream come true. I loved every second because I got to re-live watching the whole series. My recommendation is to go with a fellow Downton lover!