Follow Her: To Chicago

If you’re like me, then when you first think of Chicago you might think of Trina Vega belting out her one-woman show in Victorious, or the cast of Shameless running around the South Side. But Chi-Town is so much more.

I booked my trip to Chicago to reunite with my best friends from abroad who I hadn’t seen in over a year. So needless to say was escorted around the city by the best people I know. I arrived on December 18th, so the city was decked out in it’s Christmas best. I personally believe that this is the best time of year to see a new city.


Chicago has the “Christkindlemarkets” where you can get mulled wine in heart-shaped mugs!

Chicago is big, bright, beautiful, and it holds all of the magic of NYC. The architecture is stunning, and they have a giant sculpture called the Bean. Which is the most adorable name, and way cooler than it sounds.


(The Bean is also fantastic for selfies)

Now let’s talk about what’s really important. The food. If a city has its own hot dog, pizza, and popcorn, you know its legit.


As a self identified foodie, this city was HEAVEN for me.


That cheese pull tho...

Lastly, Chicago is the home of comedy. Second City is the birthplace for all of your favorite comedians. Where did Tina Fey start? Second City. Amy Poehler? Second City. These improv troupes might sound cheesy, but they are in fact one of the most hilarious and talented groups of people I have ever seen. All I’m saying is Saturday Night Live better make some room.

In conclusion, the Windy City really blew me away. I had the most incredible weekend with the best tour guides around. I didn’t have a chance to do anywhere near the amount of things I had wanted to do. The list of things to see there are endless! Don’t underestimate Chicago, people, it just might be my new favorite city. I most definitely will be back!