Follow Her: To Cancun!

This spring break I decided to go for it and and fly to Mexico for a week in the sun. My two friends and I stayed at the Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun (a mouthful, I know). This was an all-inclusive resort where we were treated like QUEENS! Between perfect weather and never-ending drinks, this week was a recipe for a good time… or a trainwreck. Don’t worry, I’ll give you all the PG version .

Our journey started a little bit rocky after arriving at Logan Airport at 5am and learning that our flight had been delayed due to the weather. But it got even more rocky when it was delayed 4 times after that! We ended up taking off  at the time we were supposed to arrive in Mexico, but we we still made the most of it.

Welcome to Mexico, ladies and gentlemen!

This was the view from our balcony, which made waiting 7 hours in the airport completely worth it.

We decided we treat ourselves on our first day morning which means… you guessed it, room service in the sun.

Excuse me while I channel my inner Instagram model:

My first day in Cancun was spent all day in the sun, taking in the palm trees and the amazing views. I also took in a little bit of tequila. Okay, maybe a lot.

The next day I was able to cleanse and get my adventure on. We spent the day in Tulum where I got to fulfill my lifelong dream of seeing the Mayan Ruins.

The conspiracy theorist in me was screaming!!

From there, we drove deep into the jungle to dive in the the Cenotes of Tulum which are deep caves of beautiful fresh water will with fish, stalagmite and limestone. Oh, and we had to drive ATVs to get there. No big deal.

Of course, it couldn’t have been all smooth sailing. Our transportation blew a tire on the highway, leaving us stranded for about an hour. Good thing we had plenty of Coronas!

This spring break was one for the books. I got to goof off with my best friends all week enjoying a beautiful place where we had never been.

My week in Cancun was rejuvenating, and empowering. Although my liver is going to need a serious cleanse.

Although my sun burns will heal, and my tan will fade, the memories I made with my best friend will last forever. Sorry to be so cheesy!

Until next time, Cancun. I’ll miss you!