Find Out Why Christine B. Danced for ECDM!

Image Source: Emmanuel College Dance Marathon

This year, Her Campus at Emmanuel ran a table at the Emmanuel College Dance Marathon on Sunday, March 31st. The attendees wrote letters to the kids of Boston Children’s Hospital with colorful markers and stickers! We also interviewed some of the dancers to get to know why they dance For The Kids!

Name/Major: Christine B. is a first year at Emmanuel College. She’s majoring in Biology.

Dance Marathon Year: This was Christine’s first time dancing at the Emmanuel College Dance Marathon.

What does Dance Marathon mean to you: To Christine, raising money for BCH and dancing in ECDM means supporting those who may not be as lucky as we are, to serve themselves.

What has been different about Dance Marathon than you originally expected: Christine said there was much more actual dancing at ECDM than she thought, but it was fun!

Why do you dance For The Kids: Christine dances For The Kids because she was a kid who spent too many birthdays in the hospital, so she wants to give the same love and support back that she received!

What’s next: Christine wants to do more fundraising for BCH at the Emmanuel College Dance Marathon!

Stay tuned for more ECDM themed content this week as we celebrate raising $100,000 for the kids!