Finals Week Described by Charlie Kelly

When you start thinking about all the studying you have to do, and would rather complain about it than actually do it. . .

But then the work really starts to pile up, nearly causing a panic attack.

So then you basically live at the library for the week. No really, you even try to eat all three meals there.

And when you attempt this, it just looks like this.

At this point, all of your health has gone down the drain.

And people will try to convince you that one final won’t ruin your career prospects, but you don’t believe them.

But after all your anxiety and suffering, handing in your final feels like this.

And you just feel so emotionally drained, so you treat yourself to a day of relaxation . . . whatever that means to you.

And finally, when you find out you actually did well on that final you thought you failed.

So, hang in there and study hard! Remember, Christmas will be here before you know it!