Farewell to my Junior Year

This year has been one of the craziest and best years of my life. With so many unknowns at the start, I ended up having some of the greatest adventures, and grew as a person in a way that I never thought that I could. Needless to say, I will miss junior year immensely.

Fall Semester: London, England

This fall I studied abroad in the greatest city in the world. While I was there, I got to visit 5 different countries and make best friends that will last the rest of my life.

I had some of the best food that I’ve EVER had. And if you know me, you know how important that is to me.

(Peep my food Instagram @hannah_eats_world)

I had the opportunity to travel almost every weekend. (Although who would want to leave London?) I visited 5 countries in total, and it only left me wanting more. I even got to visit my Emmanuel best friends while they studied abroad in Spain.

After struggling so much the first few weeks abroad, I realized how important it was to remain true to yourself. That is when the best people will find you.

I was devastated to leave my friends and the life I had built in London. But I knew I had Boston and Emmanuel to go home to. And although it has been a tough second semester, it’s almost been an unforgettable one.

Second Semester: Emmanuel College

Spring semester was filled with so many ups and downs.  After multiple jobs interviews and weeks of stress and tears over finding a summer internship, I realized that I am not defined by the rejection or the jobs I was offered. Resumes are not what defines me.

I joined Her Campus this year and it’s been so fun meeting new people and to have found something that I am so passionate about. The best part: I get to be on the executive board next year!

I tried so many new things this year, some things I loved, some I hated. Junior year has been about accepting who I am and what I love to do. Now that it’s coming to and end, I can see the finish line and it’s never been more scary and exciting.  

Spring semester was filled with so many good memories with old friends and new ones. I learned so much about appreciating the people in my life that much more.  

I want to thank my junior year for changing me, hopefully for the better.

See you soon, senior year!