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The Fall Survival Kit: Explained by Our Favorite Disney Heroines

Rapunzel is no stranger to tricky hair. Luckily, Bedhead by TGI has tons of wonderful products, including dry shampoo, matte finish hairspray, and more.

With midterms underway, the library (and your schedule) is sure to be packed. Erin Condren planners can help you stay organized and focused during late night study sessions.

That feeling when you realize the amount of germs your toothbrush is exposed to without a Steripod.

Salt water, a change in atmosphere, and stress can leave your skin feeling gross. Adding Freeman Beauty face masks to your nighttime routine will make your skin feel super soft and clean!

Exhausted and in need of a little sugar boost? Hi-Chews are fruity and delicious, but don’t leave you feeling sluggish.

Accessories should always help your outfit, not hold you back. Aeropostale sent us some amazing sunglasses, jewelry, and wallets and we are so thankful!

Spindrift is a new kind of seltzer water, made with real fruit! The awesome variety of fruit-based flavors is definitely something to dance about.

Eimile Bowden is a senior at Emmanuel College and is the President of the Her Campus Emmanuel chapter. She is a double major in English Writing and Literature and Theatre Arts. Eimile's other hobbies include tie dying, rewatching grey's anatomy, and playing with dogs. 
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