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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emmanuel chapter.

This week was so eventful for me. I was originally going to write only one event, but there’s so much to spill the tea on, I have to share everything!

On Tuesday, I went to a Crime Scene Expo, where little dioramas were set up. The dioramas depicted little crime scenes (mainly murder mysteries) using Lego minifigures, shoe boxes, paint, and other materials. For each mystery we solved, we got a sticker. I solved all the mysteries just in time as the event was ending. There were prizes for completing the cases (not that I did it for the prizes.) Surprisingly, I won first place since I supposedly was the only one to complete all the cases. My prize was a ten-dollar Starbucks gift card, which I put into my Starbucks account. Honestly, I am interested in mystery solving and thinking about the possibility of being a detective. I can imagine myself traveling to places to solve cases. I’ll have to dive deeper into my passion for mysteries.

On Thursday evening, there was a luau. This was the first time I attended a luau. I went to see my Physics professor, Professor Hill perform. He told me and my class about it and even brought in some guitars to class. It was definitely worth going, since not only were Professor Hill and the Uke Club performing, but there was also a band put together by the staff, the pep band, and some hula dancers as special guests. The dancers even got some students (myself included) to participate in one of the songs. The bands performed popular songs like “Sweet Caroline,” “Fly Me to the Moon,” and “Stitches.” There were even flower necklaces and Italian Ice. I only grabbed the latter as I didn’t feel like wearing a flower necklace (maybe next time).

On Friday, April 26th, some baby animals were on the quad. This was an event set up. Students were signed into fifteen-minute slots and were given a baby animal to hold such as kitties and bunnies. I got a baby chick, but I think it was actually a baby rooster. I tried to put him to bed, and I think I did well. Things were peaceful… until a puppy jumped on me and woke up the rooster. After getting the rooster to bed again, I tried to call the puppy back to me, and even a goat wearing a diaper, but was unsuccessful in both attempts. The rooster seemed to like it when I rubbed the back of his head. Sadly, nothing can last forever, including my time with the baby rooster, and my fifteen minutes ended. I hope to do that again. It was a good way to de-stress!

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