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Modern romance can be difficult to navigate. While innovations in technology have created more spaces for people to meet and communicate through dating apps and social media, communication within a relationship may seem just as difficult as ever. If your partner has been distant, acting differently, or even if something just feels off about the relationship it’s only natural to question whether or not your partner is truly in love with you. Thankfully, there are clear indicators as to whether or not they are really in love or just really confused. 

An article on Psych2go describes how a partner might show that they are not truly in love with you without saying it explicitly. One of the main traits of “fake love” according to the article is control. The article states that if your partner changes you, acts possessive, and tries to assert control without taking you and your priorities into account they do not truly love you. These indicators may seem obvious from an outside perspective, but oftentimes in a relationship, it’s easy to become blinded by comfort and fondness. It may help to view a list of signs that your partner truly does love you in order to have a better understanding of an ideal, loving relationship. 

According to Psychology Today, a clear sign that your partner truly loves you is simply if they are constantly showing you that they are invested in you. For example, physical affection, attention, and constant, healthy communication are all aspects of being invested in someone. These are also all aspects of a truly loving relationship as well. More than that, if your partner is truly in love with you they will always respect you, defend you in front of others, and include you in important parts of their own lives. In other words, you should truly feel understood and incorporated into your partner’s life. True love means a deep and encompassing connection. While it can be easy to become insecure or unsure about your partner’s real feelings from time to time, if you are constantly questioning your partner’s love for you, you may have a good reason to be concerned. 

Wishing everyone a joyful and loving February!

Sophie Farrell

Emmanuel '23

Sophie is a current Junior at Emmanuel College pursuing a major in Writing, Editing, and Publishing and a minor in Communication and Media studies. She is the 2021-2022 Her Campus Emmanuel Treasurer. When she's not writing for Her Campus, she loves reading romance novels, trying new recipes, and running.
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