DIY Gifts for Christmas

1. Mason Jars

​Putting cosmetic items in a mason jar is a cheap and cute gift for all family members and friends.

 2. Crafting with Nature

Using parts of nature mixed with store bought items can make a rustic ornament or decoration.

  3. Homemade Trivet

Make a trivet for hot pots or pans with your basic house supplies. Using clothespins, you can easily make a homemade trivet into something that the family will really use.


4. Make Your Own Mugs, Sticky Notes and More

Searching anywhere online you can find websites that let you design your own mugs with sayings and pictures. You can also give someone that funny inside joke printed on a t-shirt or set of sticky notes.

5. Movie Night Package

Need a gift for an entire family? Make a package full with family friendly games, movies and popcorn that the entire family will enjoy


6. Painted Wine Glasses

Buy some cheap clear wine glasses and paint winter or Christmas scenes on them for seasonal glassware.

7. Scrabble Poem

Sometimes you need a present for that special someone. Well, using Scrabble letters, you can make your own poem. And displaying it into a cute frame can add a personal touch to this easy-to-make gift.