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Difference Maker Colleen Flanagan’s Experience Dancing FTK

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This past weekend on March 30th, Emmanuel College proudly hosted their 2019 Dance Marathon supporting the Children’s Miracle Network and raised over $100, 000. Many of the students, myself included, dedicated more than just 12 hours of non-stop dancing for the kids; in fact, a significant portion of the efforts occured for months beforehand, raising funds, creating teams and planning for the actual marathon event. That being said all of the efforts leading up to the event made for a truly spectacular and meaningful night.

Colleen Flanagan, first year student, management / healthcare major and biology minor, was kind enough to talk to us about her experience. Here is what she had to say about EC Dance Marathon.

Dance Marathon year (first, second…?)


What does Dance Marathon mean to you?

Supporting kids at Boston Children’s Hospital who deserve the world

What has been different about Dance Marathon than you originally expected?

The energy throughout the night has been amazing and headphone disco was awesome

Why do you dance for the kids?

To fight for our little neighbors down the street

What’s next?

Getting more involved besides fundraising next year

Thank you Colleen for sharing and to all of my fellow college students and difference makers out there, Children’s Miracle Network is truly an amazing and beautiful organization to be a part of so, definitely check it out! If you are interested in joining the fight against terminal illnesses in children, get involved at your university or outside of it.

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