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Conspiracy Theories Too Good Not to be True

I don’t know about you, but I love a good conspiracy theory. The dictionary defines a conspiracy theory as a “hypothetical speculation that is commonly considered untrue or outlandish,” but still, some of these theories are just too convincing. There are thousands of conspiracy theories that cover a great deal of different categories. They range from political/governmental theories all the way to if Katy Perry is JonBenét Ramsey (a girl who was murdered in 1996). While all these conspiracies are worth looking into, I will be focusing on two in particular: how mermaids are real, and how Area 51 is covering up aliens.


The reality of mermaids was speculated in the medieval times. Hundreds of years ago, sailors and natives in coastal towns around the globe spoke of encountering them. They even drew them on cave walls, often beside marine animals, such as whales and dolphins. One thing I love to say to a non-believer is, “how do you explain the cave wall drawings of mermaids from around the world?” This was one of the only forms of communication for these people, and not everyone had that great of an imagination. So, how would you explain different cultures from different parts of the globe all drawing the same thing? Also, many prominent figures in history have spoken about seeing mermaids, including Christopher Columbus,Captain John Smith (yes, the hot blonde from Pocahontas), and famed Greek philosopher, Homer. Even Shakespeare included them in some of his plays. But did mermaids just appear, like some say humans did, or do they have their own evolution theory?

One theory on how mermaids came about is called the “aquatic ape theory,” which speculates that the ancestors of modern humans were not just land apes, but also aquatic apes. There’s tons of evidence to back this theory up, but here’s something to consider: have you ever been in a pool or shower for a long time, and your fingers (and sometimes toes) start to look like raisins? Nowhere else on the human body does that happen, which is so fascinating. Well, there is research that claims that when your hands are in this shriveled up state, it is actually easier to pick up and grip things underwater.. Apparently, this also makes it easier to work with tools underwater.. Doesn’t it make you think that our fingers do this because we adapted to the underwater environment we once lived in? Another strange thing is that our spines are really flexible, and can move in the same motion as whales and dolphins. Due to this flexibility, we can maneuver through the water easily.

Another bizarre thing is that human babies instinctively do not breathe underwater. If you put some of the air-breathing baby animals underwater, they will drown; but, if you put a human baby in the water, it will hold its breath. There is evidence that shows babies even know how to swim!

And if you’re still not convinced, we have only explored approximately five percent of the ocean. To this day we are still finding new aquatic creatures, so maybe one day it will be mermaids!

Aliens in Area 51

A lot of people think that the American Government has been covering up a lot of things to the public. Some may involve scandals, money, and maybe even aliens. The United States has an air force facility in Nevada known as Area 51, and many people believe that the government is hiding aliens and UFO’s here. Government officials have not stated the purpose of this base to the public; however, many non believers of aliens have said the base is used for experimental aircraft and black projects. Still, people believe this location is used for hiding aliens because there is extreme secrecy surrounding the base, and the remote location keeps suspicious activities under the radar. In order to have access to the base, you need top security clearance, on top of an invitation from the highest levels of the military or intelligence agencies. The Air Force has kept this place hidden by completely isolating the lands surrounding the base, including White Sides Peak and Freedom Ridge, to ward off any curious onlookers. Nowadays, if you want to get a glimpse, you have to hike all the way up Tikaboo Peak, which is 26 miles from the base. From the highest part, you may get a little peek of runway lights flashing on, and maybe even an experimental aircraft taking off.

The military labels Area 51 as a Military Operating Area. One interesting thing about the base is that the borders are not fenced– they are only marked with orange poles and warning signs. The signs inform you that photography isn’t allowed, and warn that security is authorized to use deadly force on people who trespass. More security procedures include motion-detecting sensors located around the border of the base. These sensors are highly advanced, and can even detect the difference between an animal and a human. On top of that, there are guards roaming around the perimeter to catch anyone even thinking about stepping in. If there were just aircrafts in the base, then why are they guarding it so seriously with all the advanced technology?

All of the military bases are highly protected, but not in the same level as Area 51.

In July of 1947, an flying object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. The Roswell Army Air Field announced a statement saying they had recovered the remains of an unidentified flying object (UFO). They quickly took back the statement, saying it wasn’t a flying disc, but a weather balloon. Some say that an alien spacecraft did indeed crash in Roswell, and that the government shipped the remains of the ship and a body to Area 51 for examination and study. Others claim the facility has underground levels and tunnels connecting it to other secret sites, and that it contains warehouses full of alien technology, and even living alien specimens. Shockingly, Air Force representatives have publicly denied that Area 51 has anything to do with aliens. However, that doesn’t stop people from believing that aliens are real and located in that base. There have been several sightings of unexplainable things entering and/or flying around the base. Who knows, maybe the government is developing experimental aircraft there. But, maybe they have that advanced technology because they captured a UFO and stole their technology…

So are you now a believer in mermaids, and how the government is hiding alien spacecraft and maybe even an alien body? To me, there is too much evidence to deny it! And if you think about it, are we really alone in this universe, or are we the only human like beings on this planet? Also, the government would not tell us this because of the uproar it would cause. People would be afraid or go out hunting to see if they can catch an alien or mermaid. It would be absolute chaos. They want to keep the peace, so why disturb it with otherworldly news?

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