The Big Sick Explores the Realities of Hardships with Humor

The Big Sick is my new favorite movie and soon it’ll be yours, too!

The best way to relieve your pain from finals is through the perfect rom com, right? The Big Sick will have you laughing until you forget the pain and sorrow your professors put you through this week. If you have a sarcastic, and sometimes confusing, sense of humor The Big Sick will soon become your favorite romantic comedy!

I laughed throughout the entirety of this movie. There weren’t just a couple of funny jokes scattered through the plot, but throughout the WHOLE movie I was LOLing IRL. It was fantastic! If you have a dry sense of humor and prefer to live life through that sarcastic voice in the back of your head, this movie was made for you!

The characters explore themes which aren’t normally explored in your typical romantic comedy. The movie jumps from serious topics to more entertaining scenes, all with a humorous twist.

If you’re a fan of the X Files, you’ll fit right in with Kumail because, as you’ll soon find out, it’s his favorite show. It’s his fun fact. But, next time someone asks you what your favorite show is, you’ll be reminding them that The Big Sick is a movie, not a show. But, Kumail Nanjiani needs to start writing a television show because his sense of humor is hilarious.

This movie is the best one I’ve seen this year by far! It’s filled with romance, humor, family problems, and the realities of our modern world. You’ll be entertained for the whole two hours without the need to pick up your phone to check Twitter. Invite all your friends over and pop some popcorn to watch along with your new favorite movie, The Big Sick!