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Best Hard Ciders for Fall

After turning 21 this summer I realized something about myself after going to my first bar. I seriously hate beer. However, getting a fruity cocktail for $12+ while my friends drank $5 Bud Light from the tap made me jealous of how little they spent in comparison. My older sister, also anti-beer, introduced me to hard ciders which are comparable in price yet leaps and bounds better to me in taste, and I have yet to turn back. Hard ciders are a good bar choice in terms of price and ease as well as having a subtle fall taste with the apples. As someone who loves autumn, this is a phenomenal aspect especially when cider mills bring out seasonal flavors. 

After a few months, I have decided to consider myself somewhat of a cider-pro and so here is my list of the top hard ciders to try this fall (if you are 21 and drink responsibly that is)!

  1. Downeast Cider – Pumpkin Blend

The local company, Downeast, brews out of East Boston making it a local company! The pumpkin flavor is my favorite and is not too sweet while still giving all of the fall-feels that I need! It isn’t too sweet nor is it too beer-y (an issue with some ciders) and I have forced all of my friends to try it with no complaints yet!

  1. Artifact Cider – Feels Like Home

If I am anything, I am a huge sucker for packaging and the red plaid cans give me major ‘fall in New England’ vibes! This cider is warm and makes me want to curl up under a blanket and watch a Halloween movie! Artifact produces out of Florence, MA!

  1. Stormalong Cider – Red Skies at Night

While this is not a seasonal cider and can be purchased all year, the passionfruit and tropical flavors mixed with apple make it taste exactly like the time of year when days are still summery and warm with nights that are autumnal and chilly! Plus, again, I am a huge sucker for packaging and the dark and warm colors of this can lend themselves to fall as well. They brew out of Sherborn, MA! 

  1. Angry Orchard – Crisp Apple

This cider is a classic choice and available almost everywhere alcohol is served! It is a traditional apple cider flavor and is a lot sweeter than many of the others on the list! The apple flavor is still pretty strong making it a great choice for fall. They brew mostly in Ohio and New York making it widely available across the country. 

Although my list only contained 4, there are so many small and local cider mills specific to different regions and counties of a state that never disappoint! Consider trying one next time you’re at a bar for the perfect casual drink with all of the fall feels! Drink responsibly!

Madyn is a rising senior at Emmanuel College and studying English with a focus in writing and communications, as well as pursuing an art history minor. She loves all things vintage, Hozier, One Direction, and her cats. She is the 2021-2022President for the Emmanuel College chapter!
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