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The Benefits of Having a Long-Distance BFF

Having a best friend who lives hours away can sometimes suck. You want them to be a part of your daily life, but it’s hard when several states or maybe even a country separates you. But it’s not all constant phone tag and missing important life events – there are plenty of awesome things about having a long-distance pal!

You have an automatic third party opinion when you need it.

Think about it: a long-distance friend doesn’t live through the drama of your daily life, so if you need to vent about your roommate or your professor, they can provide a (mostly) unbiased opinion and a fresh new perspective because they don’t know all these people as well as you do.

The hour long video chats you have with them are the best part of your day.

Whether you two make it a requirement that you video chat and catch up once a week or once a month, I can guarantee you’ll be left smiling afterwards.

You get to live vicariously through them in all their adventures.

Living in totally different places, you probably lead pretty different lives. It can be really refreshing to hear all about a life that’s totally separate from your own every once in a while, and to remember that there’s a whole big world out there.

You probably don’t get to see them often, but when you do, it’s like nothing has changed.

A visit with a true BFF, no matter how far away they live, will always feel like a little piece of home. You may not have seen each other in months or maybe even a year or two, but when you do, everything feels completely natural and effortless.

You get to experience a new place when you visit them.

If they live someplace you’ve never been, they can take you exploring and show you the place they call home. Adventuring to new places always makes for a memorable trip! You also won’t have to pay an expensive hotel fee or eat out for every meal, which is a big plus for those of us broke college students.

The excitement you feel over getting to introduce them to your home friends when they come visit you is too real.

On the flipside, when they come to visit you in your hometown, you get way too excited and find yourself introducing her to everyone you know: “This is my best friend from out of town, you know, that one I always talk about? Isn’t she the coolest??”

They might even send you packages, which is probably the best day ever.

Whether they send you homemade goodies, a handwritten letter, or funny mug that made them think of you, it’s always the best feeling to get a package from a faraway friend. Actually, any package will do. Packages are the best.

You always have someone to call on your walk home from class.

Something about our generation makes us hate talking on the phone, but I know there’s always at least one person I want to chat with when I’m walking home alone or going for a long drive, and that’s her.

You truly appreciate their friendship – and you never get sick of them.

It’s not that it doesn’t rock to be able to see your closest friends every day or multiple times a week, but when you spend so much time with the same people, you often unconsciously take their friendship and the amount of time you get to spend together for granted. When you don’t get to see each other as often as daily or weekly, you realize all the little things they do that makes them an awesome friend, and you appreciate them for it. Plus, it’s a lot harder to get sick of somebody you rarely get to see, which means you’re always excited to see them or hear from them.

You know your friendship is going to last.

Whether your friendship is surviving thousands of miles or just a couple hours, if you two can still be such close friends despite the distance, you know it’s a good one. Friends often come and go, but you two are stuck with each other for life – and you’re lucky to have each other.

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