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As a Sephora addicted college student, I am unfortunately well aware of the priciness of many beauty products. You walk in to browse around, and suddenly your paycheck has been blown on three or four products. I know how frustrating it is to spend a lot of money on something that’s supposed to work magic, but just doesn’t hit the mark. Based on my skincare and makeup collection, I think I’ve navigated around and found the best of the best. Some items really are worth the money, but I’ve found that oftentimes the affordable option is better. 

  1. Nars “Radiant Foundation” – $49.00

If you have acne prone skin like me, any skin product will save your life. They strictly use non-comedogenic ingredients, so covering up a zit won’t end in a cluster of three more. Nars has also mastered the secret to high coverage foundation without cakiness, and the radiant foundation gives the most gorgeous glowy finish.

  1. The Inkey List “Oat Cleansing Balm” – $10.99

The Inkey List is probably the best bang for your buck when it comes to skincare. How they manage to keep their prices so low while maintaining formulation transparency and only using dermatologist approved ingredients is a mystery to me. Double cleansing has been a popular topic recently, but even if you don’t wear makeup daily, you can benefit from it. It’s important to properly cleanse the day away, including whatever sunscreen you put on in the morning. This balm is the perfect first cleanse!

  1. Revlon “Super Lustrous Lip Gloss” – $7.69

This is the lip gloss that Megan Thee Stallion swears by. Need I say more? It’s the perfect moisturizing, glossy, non-sticky lippie you’ll find. And it’s less than $8!

  1. JVN “Complete Leave-In Conditioning Mist” – $18

Most people don’t know that Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness made their very own hair care line! A lot of their products are specially made for wavy and curly hair. Wavy hair can sometimes be difficult to find products for, straight hair products don’t give definition, but curly hair products are too heavy. If this is a dilemma you experience, look no further than JVN’s hair care line!

  1. Rare Beauty “Soft Pinch Liquid Blush” – $20

You may be sick of hearing about this blush, but if you don’t have it yet, you are seriously missing out. These blushes are the most pigmented I’ve ever used, so although it is $20, one tube will last you forever. The finish is radiant and glowy- what else could you need?

Although I have dozens more recommendations, I think these staple beauty products are among my all time favorites. You don’t need to spend your life savings to get good products, but it’s also okay to treat yourself every now and then! 

Aine Hoye

Emmanuel '25

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