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A Review of On My Block Season 4

This post includes spoilers!!

If you are like me, you forgot all about On My Block until the day they put out the new season on Netflix, and then binge-watched it in a few days. I loved the first three seasons of On My Block and this season was no exception. It hit all the points I wanted it to: adventure, sadness and the meaning of friends and family. The characters in this show are so dynamic and real, they aren’t inherently good or bad which makes them so much more lovable, they are just teens trying to figure out their place in the world. Previously we saw them as young kids, but in this season we see them as young adults making real life decisions. We see characters like Jasmine making decisions on whether she can go to University of California Berkeley and Cezar trying to figure out whether the Santos are right for him. 

While the lives of the teens have changed dramatically as well as their friendships they are easily able to pick up where they left off when push comes to shove. My main concern when the third season ended was whether the group would be able to become friends again. I should never have been too worried because they have a bond that doesn’t just disappear with time. The most shocking scene of the season was with the unexpected death of Oscar, Cezar’s older brother who finally settled down. His death was heart wrenching, Cezar really needed his older brother and just when we see the two of them bonding and deciding to move away to Portland, his life is stolen. Hopefully the next season explores his death and who had an axe to grind with him. The other heart wrenching scene of the show was Abuelita’s death. Over the past four seasons I have come to love Abuelita’s character, she is devious in her own way and loving at the same time, so her unexpected death was pretty upsetting. Overall, this season was very emotional, but still very heart-warming. The friends were there for each other in their times of need and it shows the significance of friendship in this show. This was a fabulous season overall, and I can’t wait for the next one!

Abigail Terry

Emmanuel '22

Abigail is an undergraduate student at Emmanuel, she is majoring in Criminology and minoring in Psychology and Studio Art. Abigail is very passionate about human rights and is a huge fan of the Arts.
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