8 Ways to Have a Bomb Girl's Night

Whether you go out or stay in, girl’s night is a longstanding tradition that you always uphold with your girlfriends. Every friend group is different in how they like to indulge in the excitement of girl’s night, but the purpose is one in the same. So, without further ado, here are eight ways to make your girl’s night with your gal pals fantastically fun.

1. Dinner Date Night!

One of the most important ingredients to a fabulous girl’s night out is food. Whether you are trying a new glitzy restaurant or ordering in a pizza, sharing a meal with your girls is the best way to kick start the night.  


There is no better feeling than belting out the lyrics to your favorite songs with your best girls.

3. The Old-Fashioned Slumber Party!

Face masks, classic movies, junk food, trashy magazines, gossip and more. The rituals of a good old-fashioned slumber party will never fail to disappoint.

4. Hit the Club.

If you and your girls are feeling the excitement of city night life, go hit the clubs around town and dance the night away.

5. Bottom’s up!

Whether you stay in or go out, no girl’s night is complete without the friendly company of alcohol. Host a wine night or create your own adult beverage menu, possibly including the classic cranberry juice and vodka. Either way, drinking is ten times more fun when you have your best girls not just to have fun with, but to look after one another.

6. Shopping Spree!

The company of your best gals will make any store you shop in a whole lot more fun. You could be in Walmart and still have the time of your life. Go get your shop on!!

7. Take a Boxing Class Together!

If you’re looking for a great group workout to try with your friends, I highly recommend boxing. It’s intense, fun and will leave you feeling stronger than ever. So, grab you’re group and go kick some butt. You will all feel great, I promise.

8. Baking Night!

What better way to spend quality girl time with your besties? Get your bake on and indulge in a buffet of sweets.

We all need a night off now and then, so let yourself indulge in some dedicated time for you and your girls. Try some of suggestions or come up with your own, either way the best way to have a bomb girls night is truly just to spend some quality time with your girls.

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