7 Things I Learned by Attending Emmanuel College

I came to the city in the fall of 2013 and felt like I could reinvent myself. I felt as though life was just beginning. But, instead of creating an entirely new *me*, I feel as though I’ve grown to become the person I actually am. And I credit this to Emmanuel College. Here’s what I learned by attending the 17 acre campus in the heart of the Fenway neighborhood:

1. College students will do anything for free things. From standing in an enormous Moonlight Breakfast line for a free t-shirt to attending panels for the free food (no shame), being a student is all about taking advantage of the free perks. And, hey, Emmanuel has provided us with a lot of them.

2. Navigating the T isn’t as daunting as my freshman self thought it was. You become a pro by the end of your freshman year and haven’t looked at a map since. (It’s also helpful to remember that Riverside will always take you home).

3. Professors actually care about you as both a student and a human. It's also comforting to know that the relationships you've built with your professors will last a lifetime.

4. Amidst the chaos, you’ll always find a friendly face. It’s a helpful reminder that once we enter the real world there will always be someone cheering you on. Even though you might not see or live with them every day, they’ll serve as a constant cheerleader as you navigate your post-grad life.

5. Beginning and ending your college career in a parking lot is extremely symbolic. Now, bear with me on this, the library parking lot has oddly watched every student flourish into who they are. It hosted our cars on our first tours, first move-in day, and, for commuters, first early morning classes. And, it will also act as the backdrop to our graduation. It’s an oddly beautiful thing. A parking lot, which can sometimes seem scary, is just a metaphor for all the endless possibilities.

6. It took until number six to acknowledge this, but I’ve deepened my understanding in my content area and Emmanuel has taught me how to appreciate and respect my major. Also, those pesky general requirements has helped me step up my Jeopardy game.

7. You’ll always find your way back home, and, in this case, EC. To me, Emmanuel feels like home because of the people I’ve met.

As we all go our separate ways, it's always comforting to know that we’ll carry these seven things with us!