5 Things to Talk About on a First Date: For the Girls

Let’s face it, dating can be so awkward. What’s even more awkward? First dates.

Although it is so exciting when you finally land a date with that cute guy you’ve stared at in class all semester, the date itself can be quite daunting. 

From the moment you agree to go with him, a million thoughts race through your mind. What will I wear? What will HE wear? What should I order to eat? Most of all, what will we talk about?

You text your best friends for all the advice they can give, creep profile photos to send to the group chat, and maybe even stalk the online menu for the restaurant he suggested. 

Finally, the time comes and he’s in your driveway waiting for you to get into that shotgun seat. You might be slightly sweaty and a little shaky, but you have nothing to be worried about after reading this list!

If you find yourself in this position, stress no more because we have you covered. You’ll be a conversation pro in no time!

  1. 1. Sports

    If there’s one thing certain about college boys, they LOVE talking about sports. 

    Chances are, if he plays on a sports team he is very proud of his participation. He likely spends hours each day devoted to perfecting the skills necessary to be a good team player.  Ask him about the position he plays, the teammates he hangs out with on the weekends, or the cool places he’s seen in while traveling to a game. 

    On the contrary, if he doesn’t play a college sport, you could bet he has a favorite sports team. Find out who his athletic idols are, who took him to his first professional game, or how many professional stadiums he’s been to during his life. If this seems to be going well, maybe suggest a future date that includes a visit to catch a game.

  2. 2. Hometowns

    There is something unique about every hometown. Even those that say they’re from a small town “in the middle of nowhere,” have to have a reason their parents chose to raise a family in the location. From local favorites to famous tourist spots, where he comes from is sure to have a quality worth sharing. 

    These might be historical sites, wineries and breweries, hiking trails, and so much more. Dive deep into these attractions to see where he spent his time growing up.

  3. 3. Future plans 

    Now that you know a little bit more about his past, this is the time to look ahead and see where his thought lies in the future. This can be a great test for finding out if the two of you are compatible. It’s important to ask these questions right out the gate before you get too far invested and find that you’re on different life paths. 

    Even though it’s only the first date, if you plan on continuing your love story, this is extremely necessary. If he plans to move across the country upon graduation, you may want to consider how you would feel about doing the same.

    Make sure you won’t be sacrificing your own goals in order to match his intentions.

  4. 4. College

    The reason he chose the specific college he attends definitely deserves some attention. It may seem so long ago since going through the decision process your senior year of high school, but needless to say it was one of the most important choices he’s ever made. 

    Before making the jump into this new chapter of life, so many considerations are made. Options of attending junior college for a few years, learning a trade, joining the military, and so many more are right at your reach. 

    What brought him to college? Was it the location? A scholarship? His major?

  5. 5. Do NOT talk about his ex

    It wouldn’t be fair to send you off without sharing one topic that needs to be avoided at all costs. Last but not least, it’s the ex.

    Talking about the ex on a first date is a no no for what should seem like an obvious reason. If you want him in the right headspace to accept a new relationship with you, you need to allow him to let go of his past.

    Although it might be intriguing to know who broke up with who and why, it’s not really any of your business. It’s important to remember that the two of them are no longer together because it didn’t work out. His choice to go on this date with you is recognition that he’s found a new interest.

The most important thing about dating is to just be yourself. You want to let your personality shine through and for him to appreciate the REAL you! Don’t spend too much time planning the right things to say, they will come naturally. Have fun and happy dating!!