5 Things About the Valentine’s Day Season that Even Its Biggest Cynics Can Appreciate

This is the week that love is in the air! The past few days, I’ve heard the same cynical cliches repeated over and over again like a broken record, “Valentine’s Day is just a corrupt Hallmark holiday,” “I’m single so today just makes me feel bitter,” and my personal favorite, “I have a significant other, but we are *insert excuse that makes them seem too cool for Valentine’s Day*”. As someone who’s been perpetually single for Valentine’s Day, I’m here to tell you there are things about this day that are great for everyone, whether they’re the most spirited Valentine’s Day celebrator or someone that absolutely dreads it, whether they’re single or happily dating someone! Here are five things about Valentine’s Day that should thaw even the coldest of hearts.


1. The epic Valentine’s memes


Photo Courtesy of HC at Millersville

Need I say more? Your social media feeds are probably filled with the classic Valentine’s Day memes capturing punny pick up lines and your favorite pop culture references. Whether you’re chuckling at them at 3:00 am instead of doing homework or blowing up your group chats with screenshots, these are always a hit! Honorable mention goes to the cringey sexual Valentine’s Day chain texts and people’s clever romantic commentary on Twitter.


2. You have an excuse to watch your favorite romantic movies and TV show specials!


Photo courtesy of IndieWire

Whether it’s a 90’s coming-of-age film, a laugh-out-loud rom-com, a tear-jerking Nicholas Sparks adaptation, or something a little... edgier (50 Shades), Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to whip out your favorite movies! Whether it’s a study break or a full out marathon, taking time to watch the films about love you love is an instant mood-booster. Not trying to commit to a movie? Comedies like The Office, classics like Friends and new hits like Big Mouth have Valentine’s Day episodes as well!


3. You get to show your love for others and (hopefully) receive some back!

Photo courtesy of The Daily Campus

What makes me the most upset about Valentine’s Day haters is the bitterness or feeling like they’re above acknowledging a lame holiday. While love shouldn’t just be expressed on special occasions, why sh** on people for having fun on a special day and recognizing the people they care about? Don’t be afraid to get a little mushy with your SO, and in addition to this/ if you’re single, buy your mom a card, bring some themed snacks to a club meeting, throw the most extra Galentine’s celebration ever! Being lovey-dovey might be a little cringe, but Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to embrace it.


4. It gives you an excuse to practice some much-needed #selfcare.


Courtesy of MatthewsPlace

Heart shaped bath bombs? Face masks? That red-colored manicure you’ve been dying to treat yourself to? Now’s your chance!


5. The themed food aka all you really need


Photo Courtesy of Dunkin’ Newsroom

Between the half-off candy you can buy the day after, the cute themed donuts that Dunks puts out, and those cute sugar cookies with the hearts on them you can get at the grocery store, it’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is the prime time to feast on sugary foods pretty much guilt-free. I’m telling you, if you can’t see any redeeming qualities in the other perks to Valentine’s Day, you have to be sold on at LEAST this one.

I hope this gives you some inspiration on how to make the most of this holiday, AND that you consider the bonuses of Valentine’s Day before getting obsessed with the negatives. In the end, the biggest things to keep in mind to survive and thrive during this time of year are practicing gratitude for your loved ones, loving yourself and, above all, not comparing yourself to others! This day will be over before you know it, so make it one to remember fondly.