5 Shows to Binge When You Need to Procrastinate

With finals coming up, we’re all looking for some sort of escape and some way to put off doing what we’re supposed to. So, to help us both out, here are some of the top 5 shows to binge when you’re just not feeling it.

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Jane the Virgin

We all love a good dramatic comedy, and this is just the show that has it all. It has love, murder, weird family situations, and is politically in tune. It is the classic telenovela that just doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you’re looking for a good laugh with a good plot line, this is definitely the show for you.

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

We all remember the classic Sabrina the Teenage Witch; now this is all that but with a bigger creepy vibe to it. It has the same basic characters, but instead of it just being about Sabrina’s hilarious life, it includes her life-changing decision of whether  she needs to leave all her mortal friends behind to sign her name in the Devil’s Book...creepy right? If you’re into something a little scarier to take your mind off of the terror of exams, this is for you.

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I’m sure you’ve all seen one or two or all of Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory videos, and if not, definitely binge that first. This show takes you in-depth on some of the most fascinating conspiracies known. It brings you up close and personal with some dark topics such as disappearances, aliens, and even the moon landing. If you’re a skeptic on what’s real and what’s staged, I highly suggest going down the tunnel of this show.

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The Good Place

A good lighthearted comedy that will only take up about 20 minutes of your time. If you’re looking for a short break in between your cramming, then this is perfect for you. It’s about a woman, Eleanor (played by Kristen Bell so where can you go wrong?) who died and is now in heaven, or as they call it “the good place”. With a name like that, what can really go wrong? Well, a lot, and if you want a good laugh then definitely check this one out.

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Now, where can you go wrong with a good classic? After something happens, Jenna’s life becomes...well, awkward. She later creates a blog to talk about her life and all of the wacky things that go along with it. We all love a good comedy where everything just happens to go wrong. It’ll also make you feel better about your life when you just need to push for that last exam you have.

Stay strong during the last few weeks and push through. Hopefully, these distracters will take your mind off of things for a little while during your well-deserved break.