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5 Reasons You Should Always Celebrate Your Birthday

There tends to be this general thought that after you turn 21, the rest of your birthdays aren’t worth celebrating. As a dedicated birthday lover myself, I will never agree with this mindset. I understand some people don’t love the social scene to begin with, but c’mon, at least treat yourself!

Whether it’s your sweet sixteen or you’re “over the hill”, here are some reasons you should always look forward to your birthday – or your entire birthday week, if you’re anything like me!

1. It’s the perfect occasion to get all of your favorite people in the same place.

It’s no secret how busy everyone is nowadays. You can communicate with your friends by phone all you want, but nothing is the same as having your loved ones by your side. Throwing a party for your birthday is the best way to get everyone together – with advanced notice, of course. Plus, you’ll probably surround yourself with fun people so you know it’ll be a great time!

2. You deserve to be celebrated.

Sure, you had nothing to do with how you were brought into this world, but now you’re here! This day is meant to celebrate you and all you’ve become. It’s important to recognize how much you’ve changed over the years. Let your loved ones shower you with compliments – you deserve it!

3. It gives you a chance to reflect on your life so far.

Life is constantly changing, which means you are too. From your awkward middle school years to your unforgettable junior year of college, there are so many memorable times to look back on. Take this time to evaluate your life so far and think about where you want to end up. What goals do you wish to accomplish this year? Who do you want by your side for these next few years? Reflect on the past and smile about it, but continue to embrace your future.

4. Gifts are always a plus.

Some people feel guilty about receiving gifts, but you shouldn’t have to. Think about the feeling that rushes over you when you give one of your friends a kickass gift – it’s great, isn’t it? This is an opportunity for the people in your life to show their appreciation for you in whatever way they see fit. Maybe it’s a musical card from your aunt or a text message from your old high school sweetheart; either way, you should feel thankful but never guilty!

5. This is your day to do whatever YOU want!

You have an entire day dedicated solely to you. How fun is that? Sure, we have more responsibilities as we get older and we may not be able to celebrate in the ways we wish, but don’t let that stop you from making time for yourself. Grab a drink with a friend. Read that book you’ve been wanting to get around to. Throw yourself a huge party! Whatever way you choose to celebrate, it should involve whatever makes you happy.

Cheers to all my fellow birthday lovers out there! Don’t let the pessimists dampen your day, no matter how old you are. You’re a beautiful soul who deserves to be treated like royalty for a day. As long as you’re thankful for everything your loved ones do for you, there’s nothing wrong with basking in the happiness that comes with your birthday!

Autumn believes in a combination of hard work and magical thinking. True to her Libra ways, she embraces balance in all aspects of life and enjoys connecting with others. Specializing in Marketing Management, she thrives in helping brands build their platforms through authentic and inspiring content. Find more on Instagram: @aduslayy
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