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5 Reasons to Get Excited for Fall 2018 at EC

It’s difficult to think about a new semester, while the one you’ve been stuck in for the past four months is just winding down. Put down the pens and paper. Remember that these last tests don’t define your whole college career. You have every opportunity. Think about your future. Get ready for next semester because we have so many exciting opportunities to look forward to at EC. Seniors, this is going to be great.

1. We’re getting a Dunks on campus. Enough said. Realistically, I should get another job just so my ice coffee addiction doesn’t train my bank account.

2. The New Residence Hall, of course. Maybe, I should have listed this as the most exciting part of Fall 2018 at EC, but I got distracted by iced coffee.

3. The view from the New Residence Hall. It’ll take all your Instagrams to the next level.

4. It’s the centennial year. For those of us graduating next year, we’re the 100th class to graduate from Emmanuel. That’s pretty exciting.

5. It’s a new year, full of new opportunities. You get another chance to do your best and learn everything Emmanuel has to offer. Congratulate yourself on making it through another year.

We still have four months until we can move into the new residence hall, but in the meantime, take every opportunity that’s available to you. Say yes as much as you can. Join Her Campus Emmanuel to get hang out with some really great people and express your opinion online! Finally, relax before we have another busy semester at Emmanuel College this fall.

Ashley is a senior studying English Communications and Media Studies at Emmanuel College in Boston. Currently, she acts as the President and Co-Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus Emmanuel chapter. In the past, she acted as the Public Relations Director for the 2017-2018 year. She loves all things PR and in her spare time enjoys watching cute ads on Youtube.
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